Annual Roundup – 2012 in the Boyhouse

I know, it’s January 2.  I meant to get this post out on Monday.  So I’m a few days late and a dollar short, but I have a good excuse – I rang in the New Year by sleeping.  I had what I had – optimistically, it turned out – thought was food poisoning but given how I was up all night with a barfing child, I am now leaning towards the concept of “stomach virus”.  It’s unfortunate I didn’t have a weight loss goal for 2013, because I could have attained that by January 1st.  After pulling an all nighter last night, I am in a zombie like state, wondering how kids can barf all night and then be perfectly chipper in the morning, and thankful that my own stomach can handle coffee today because HOW did I do it when the kids were babies?  I don’t know.

In any case, not the most auspicious beginning to 2013 but luckily I’m not superstitious like that.  I mean, often March comes in AND goes out like a lion, am I right?

So, year in review!  What happened in the Boyhouse in 2012?  Quite a bit, it turns out.


January was a banner month in that Mark wore pajamas to school for Pajama Day for the first time ever, I realized that, just like back in the day when I was “clubbing” – although I don’t think it was called “clubbing back then” – coloured jeans are in style (sign of impending apocalypse?), and I got all defensive of yoga.


I went to Maui for the first – but definitely not the last – time, saw some whale tail, and then I came crashing back to earth while reading the Lutheran Ladies’ Family Favourites Cookbook.


March was a difficult month in the Boyhouse, and not just because I became nearly homicidal in the grocery store.  On a happy note, Mark turned eight, and I admitted to being totally FLY.


I admitted – not for the first time – that I am a High Maintenance Girl, my dog was an idiot, and I officially became older than Mrs. Robinson.


May was pretty exciting.  Barkley tried to kill the neighbour’s cat, we renovated the kitchen, and I realized while cleaning 136 drawings off of my fridge that my boys are one step away from moving out and calling me once a week.

Buoyed by the speed and fabulousness of our kitchen renovation, we decided to renovate our bathroom, refinish our fireplace, and redo the front entry, which made June a very long month full of much noise and swearing contractors.  I also very sadly broke up with cheese and other dairy products.


July was the month of the Stampede – yee-haw – the week where an alarming majority of people in the Calgary area embrace their inner cowboy, I talked about how kindness can change the world, and I became obsessed with Mad Men.


I went on vacation and came back to an ant infestation, my kids went to my parents’ place and I had a minor Landslide-related breakdown, and Foggy the hippo, Jake’s favourite zoo animal, died.


I went on a solo trip, and couldn’t figure out how to open the gas cap on the rental car, Jake turned seven, and I wrote my 500th post, on how boot cut jeans are the new mom jeans.

So that was 2012 in the Boyhouse!  What will 2013 bring?


  1. Alas, poor Foggy. I got emo all over again remembering that.

    I love your roundup posts. I hope I remember this format next year and maybe I’ll try it, although I suspect it takes a lot more work than the questions meme I do every year. Linky-linky!

  2. I never post my year review until the first week of January. Dude, I’m on holidays!

    I hope 2013 doesn’t bring meggings anywhere near either of us. Hope hope hope.

  3. Rachelradiostar says

    I just loved reading every single one of your posts! Looking forward to the next 12montjs worth!

  4. I am currently wearing coloured green jeans. I am fully in retro mode. And weeping a little that I am old enough to remember a fad from the first time around.

    Also what is WITH kids being sick all night long and then raring to go in the morning?? It ain’t right, I tell ya.

  5. As per your year in review, I need to tell you that a part of my soul died when you pointed out that bootcut jeans are the new mom jeans. I just hadn’t considered it. You are right, of course. But I still have not succumbed to skinny jeans.

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