And this is what my life has become

I swore I wouldn’t write another post about the renovation, and yet it consumes me, dear reader.  My life is swallowed by the renovation, and the working around the contractor’s schedule, and the I need to choose a light fixture thinking that I have right now.  I’m even boring myself.  Be thankful you don’t need to enter into boring conversation with me on a daily basis – or if you do, and you’re reading this, I’m sorry for being so boring. 

Yesterday the bathroom was completely gutted – save for the toilet, a relief since I had a mid-level worry that someone would spontaneously contract a virulent stomach flu and would have to be herded, barfing, down the carpeted stairs to the basement bathroom, not that we have even had the stomach flu for the longest time (knock knock knocking on the hardwood floor) – the rock was chiseled off the fireplace, and the front entry tiles were removed.  Prior to this, the head contractor told me There will be some dust and noise.  INDEED.  Barkley and I hid downstairs, for the most part, since it was pouring rain and I needed to be on hand in case of questions.  At one point the air in the house was white with fine dust, and after the task was completed and I was trying to set a world record on Number Of Times One Can Clean The Same Floor Area In A Four Hour Period, dust still magically reappeared.  Perhaps it was just hanging in the air waiting for me to finish cleaning before landing, yet again, or perhaps it was asexually reproducing; I don’t know.  All I know is that I have turned into a dusty Lady Macbeth, but without the mur-diddly-urder.  So not really like Lady Macbeth at all. 

How is your June going?  A large number of my friends greet June with great dread, due to all the year-end parties and wrap-ups and recitals and whatnot.  It’s not a bad month for me; the only thing I really have going on is Super Soccer Saturday, which is really just half a day, and only involves a small amount of volunteer effort on my part.  I did panic at one point and asked my friend who was organizing the volunteers if she had me scheduled to cook the hot dogs, and so, could I NOT cook the hot dogs, and she looked at me like I was crazy and assured me that she never, ever thought of having me cook the hot dogs, at which information I was greatly relieved.  WHEW.  So things are not bad, June-wise.  I mean, except for the dust and all.

Have you ever had one of those moments of incredulity, where you wonder This is what my life has come down to?  How did this happen?  I’m having one of those moments RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

I am speaking at our school’s kindergarten orientation tonight, to drum up interest about the School Council and Parent Association.  Oh, ha ha ha ha!  Good times.  The parents at the kindergarten orientation are generally more full of angst that their baby is heading to kindergarten/ relief that their child has made it to kindergarten to be genuinely interested in helping to weed the naturalization area, but you never know.  I am FULL OF OPTIMISM that someone will want to assauge their feelings of lost babyhood by rashly signing up for something. 

My neighbour – Beeps‘ “daddy” – informed me excitedly that we have new neighbours.  We do?  I didn’t realize.  I am home all day long, how could I not notice something like a new neighbour?  I wondered if I was just cluelessly going about my day, not noticing a moving truck, but he was referring to the new tenants in the rental house across the alley from me.  Oh, I said, did you meet them?  Well, not the people, he said.  But, he said, in the excited voice that adults everywhere talk to small children, there’s a puppy and a kitty!  I wondered how old Beeps’ “daddy” thinks I am, and if I should be flattered or alarmed.  Later I did notice a large, friendly looking black dog in the yard.  I immediately wondered if I should go introduce myself to the new neighbours.  Perhaps I should warn them about Beeps’ idiocy and propensity to escape.  You never know, they may need to borrow a shovel. 


  1. Ha ha. Out damned dust! When our basement was being refinished, I was pregnant with Eve, and I had severe undiagnosed anemia, which made me want to abuse inhalants and lick dusty stuff. It took everything I had not to lick the drywall dust. In other words, no matter how bad it gets, take comfort in the fact that you’re not me.


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