Whale Tail!

At first I was going to do a “Wordless Wednesday” post – does anyone still do that?  I’m so hip to the scene – but then I realized that it’s Thursday, which is great, really, but probably means that “Wordless Wednesday” isn’t exactly relevant.  Nonetheless, I was going to entitle it Whale Tail and then show you this:

Cool, right?  We went on a whale watching tour and saw 30-40 whales, which I thought was incredible, until I spoke with my girlfriend who had gone with her family on a whale watching tour on the same afternoon and saw a) a group of males competing for female attention, and b) a baby whale breech right in front of them.  Still, it was very fun although I think that my kids were just slightly too young to really appreciate whale watching.  They enjoyed it, for the most part, but for kids that age if you have seen one whale, you’ve seen them all.

Note the guy next to me in his festive Hawaiian shirt.  It’s obvious, but Hawaiian shirts are de rigeur in Maui, but they really do look silly elsewhere, unless worn ironically, I guess.

It is starting to snow right now, which makes me think of Triumph, the insult comedy dog.  This clip is QUITE hilarious, if you like that kind of humour, which I do (note: clip is not family friendly).  “Oooh, clouds!  It’s Armageddon for Hawaii!”

Something about being on vacation has made me completely incompetent when it comes to meal planning and grocery shopping.  I depleted our cupboards and fridge in anticipation of our trip, with the tragic exception of the milk I forgot to empty and hence came home to two 3/4 empty cartons, complete with chunks.  Ew!  Gross!  In any case, because of this depletion I have found myself grocery shopping every single day since our return.  EVERY DAY.  Today I realized that I needed – NEEDED – to go to Costco, and so there I went this afternoon.  I found that my faith in humanity – as usually happens when I shop at Costco – has been shattered.  Is it so hard to return a cart?  Is it?  Presumably, the non-cart-returner has already pushed the heavy, gigantic, unwieldy cart through the vast expanses of Costco and the parking lot.  Is that, then, it?  Is that all the non-cart-returner can give?  Is that the extent of their ability to exert themselves physically?  Is walking an extra thirty seconds with a depleted, much lighter cart just too much?  Apparently it is. 

It makes me all stabby.  Fortunately, I think that my grocery levels are now back to par, although unfortunately I went through the mental process I seem to go through every time I’m at Costco, which is to “just pick up an enormous family-sized package of soap and/or toothpaste, since I’m here anyway.”  I do this EVERY TRIP and now I have hoarder-levels of toothpaste and soap.  I’m going to have to hide some in the downstairs bathroom, else my husband may have me committed. 

Speaking of committed, my kids made up a game this morning that involved writing “prizes” on scraps of paper, putting them in a hat, and making me draw the said “prizes”.  I kept “winning” the following: ninja attacks on my person, bad luck, a football, and, finally, the grand prize of a golden marmot.  These prizes are all theoretical, of course, but I’m still a little disturbed by the many impending ninja attacks I have won.


  1. Cool pictures!

    I hate meal planning. I rarely do it. I should.

  2. “It’s armageddon in Hawaii…….” LOL that was a great afternoon chuckle and I plan to use that in a meeting this week. Not sure how I’ll fit it in but I’ll find a way.

  3. Better than the times we try to see dolphins, when we never do. See any. Dolphins are assholes.

    I would really hate pulling bad luck out of a hat. I would rather pull out a ninja attack any day. And at least it wasn’t a golden beaver.

    • cheesefairy says

      My husband is the soap hoarder.We usually go to Costco together and I have to physically restrain him when he reaches for soap.

      Did you know that if you put a wrapped bar of soap in with your clothes, it repels moths? That’s where all my extra soap goes.

      And! Look out behind you! NINJAS.

    • THE NINJAS. THEY ARE ATTACKING ME. It got old after the first 60 minutes or so. I did not know that about the soap. I also did not know dolphins are assholes. This goes against everything we have been led to believe!

  4. Oh, that’d be so cool to see a whale! Only time I ever got close to seeing one was when I was 15 and I was in Newfoundland with my parents. My mom and dad went off on a boat tour and I decided to stay at the hotel and rest a bit. Really, I just wanted to watch As the World Turns. Of course, they ended up seeing a bunch of whales. Man, 15-year-old me was stupid.

    You’d better start learning karate, stat.

  5. When I think of whale tail, I think of things…what does that say about me.
    I’m sorry that you had to endure the costco. I can’t stand going there but they always draw me in. Damn.

  6. cheesefairy says

    I need to add that now that I’ve left my piggy-back “reply to” comment on Allison’s comment, (thanks Allison!) there is a brand new comment box for me at the bottom of the page. This box wasn’t here before! I swear it wasn’t!

    Whales are great.

  7. I was thinking of taking the kids whale watching but perhaps I’ll wait a few years.

    Costco. I can’t even.

  8. I’d love to go whale watching.

    So your Costco is our Walmart, eh?

  9. Whale watching is one thing I wish we had done while we were in Kauai. It looks like so much fun. With the snow falling down outside today I’m kind of wishing I could go back to Kauai where the sun is shining.


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