Get Off My Lawn

Ever since I complained about my too-tight-post-vacation pants, my Facebook feed has been full of advertisements regarding the most efficient way to get rid of belly fat, the one simple exercise to rid myself of belly fat, the one surprising food to avoid to eliminate belly fat, and ways to become bikini ready in just […]

All Baking and No Eating Makes Nicole Go Something Something

Happy Monday, I say from my perch on the office chair with a big coffee next to me. It’s Day…I don’t know how many days it’s been painfully cold but suffice it to say it was an indoorsy kind of weekend. Jake came down with a cold – probably because I’d JUST finished saying how […]

Everything’s Coming Up Nicole!

I know I’m a couple of days late, but Happy Robbie Burns Day! I had a friend tell me excitedly that there are vegetarian versions of haggis available, to which I blinked a few times in response. Blink. Blink. The meat in the haggis isn’t what’s stopping me, people. One of my friends posted a […]

Bringing Sexy (or Blogs) Back, Festivus Style

So far, Christmas vacation has been epic. EPIC. On Friday, after coming home from yoga in minus-JC-it’s-cold temperatures, I declared a lazy day and decided that we would not be leaving the house. Instead, I cracked the big bottle of Bailey’s and glugged it into my coffee. Thus armed, I watched The Price is Right […]