Strange things are afoot on the internet; The Shoe on the Roof

Just in case you’ve always wondered what it’s like to live in this meteorological hellscape, on October 28 it was 24 degrees Celsius, and within a week we had a 43 degree temperature drop. It is basically impossible to acclimatize to that kind of temperature swing, and so this is what I look like when […]

Nicole’s Favourite Things: The Book and Movie Edition

Now that I’ve gotten my Spring Rage About Time Change out of the way, I’m feeling much better. Coffee helps. My body feeling like it’s 3:30 in the morning when it’s really 4:30 in the morning is making it very easy to get to sleep at my usual hour. I’m slowly adjusting, so in eight […]

Book Review: Hooked on Hockey

When Simon and Schuster asked me to review Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hooked on Hockey, I laughed to myself.  Surely there are few people less qualified to review a book whose title is followed by “101 Stories about the Players Who Love the Game and the Families that Cheer Them On”.  For one thing, […]