Royal Birthdays

My goodness, I have so much to say, and I haven’t had any time to say it! First of all – Royal Baby! I was on Royal Baby Watch for exactly fifteen minutes. I was in my car coming home from yoga at 6:05 am, and I heard that we were Officially On Royal Baby […]

Howard/ Nicole The Duck

One benefit of keeping an old school blog for the past eight years is that I can easily see patterns in my own life. For example, every single fall I feel like I’m careening off the rails a little bit, in terms of busyness, and yes, we are all busy and tired and whatnot, no […]

The Wearing of the Green (Eyed Monster)

This weekend my husband was watching “The Wolverine”. Remember the lengths I went to in order to obtain that video? It turns out I was actually uninterested in watching it, and so I puttered around the kitchen, making cookies and banana bread while my husband – who must be the world’s most confident man – would […]

Boy oh boy!

I feel the same way about the safe arrival of the royal baby that I did about the royal wedding – it’s happy news. In the midst of so much tragedy, sadness, and overall gloom that we hear on the news every single day, the arrival of a baby is such a joy. My grandma […]

It’s the end of the school year as we know it (and I feel fine)

Hello there! It feels like a long time since I’ve posted, so I’m hopping right back in the saddle. Things have been busy around here. I’ve oscillated from overwhelming love for the city and all the generous and kind people in it, and overwhelming despair that it will never be enough, no matter how hard […]

69 Days of Summer Vacation; Mark and Jake Are Going To Do It All!

I was going to do a “Wordless Wednesday” and just post this picture of my kids on their last day of Grade One and Two: But there is a reason I don’t do Wordless Wednesdays, and that is because I am much, much too wordy.  I want to tell you all about the last day […]

Fear Leads To Anger, Anger Leads To Suffering

I had a fairly eventful weekend, social-wise.  On Friday I had dinner guests, and I made a roasted vegetable lasagne – look for the recipe over at the cooking blog in the next couple of days – and it was absolutely delicious.  I was raving to a friend over the pure delight that is roasted […]