Does anyone still read print magazines or is it just me?

Thank you to everyone for your kind words about Barkley! I’m happy to report he’s pretty much all better, except for having to take pills and eat really, really gross looking canned dog food for a few more days. One huge benefit of having a Labradoodle is that he will happily eat the pills with […]

Hashtag “Blessed”

Yesterday the kids really wanted to go to the amusement park, and although that meant TWO big outings in one week, I agreed. It’s Stampede Week and the amusement park is always quiet at this time of the year, we have season’s passes, and also it was a beautiful sunny day. I was preparing snacks […]

I’ve got 99 problems, and excessive caffeine consumption is one of them.

Today was the Volunteer Appreciation Tea at the school, and guess what? Not only did I win a door prize – Bath and Body Works stuff, which I LOVE – but I also got a “special recognition” for being the Chair and also the Book Fair Lady. I was pretty touched by the whole thing, […]

Lordy, lordy

I turned forty yesterday, and if the past few days are an indication of the decade to come, then I think my forties are going to be amazing. We had a party on the weekend, and the only downside is that I’m probably getting wrinklier by the minute, given that my face was like this […]

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

Well, hello there, December! It’s absurd to say that a date snuck up on me, what with the availability of calendars and all, but the date snuck up on me. This morning the boys cracked open their Advent calendars, and here we are. December. I have so much to chat about! First: Sexiest Man Not Alive. […]

Achievement Unlocked

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a nice mix of online shopping and blast-through-the-mall shopping, and I can proudly announce that I am all done Christmas shopping, including teacher’s gifts and stocking stuffers. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. I think this is a new record for me, but I don’t think I’ll be breaking this record […]

The Wearing of the Green (Eyed Monster)

This weekend my husband was watching “The Wolverine”. Remember the lengths I went to in order to obtain that video? It turns out I was actually uninterested in watching it, and so I puttered around the kitchen, making cookies and banana bread while my husband – who must be the world’s most confident man – would […]