Boyhouse Year in Review 2013

I know, it isn’t QUITE the end of the year and something totally thrilling and blog worthy COULD happen in the next 36 hours, but I am posting my Boyhouse Year in Review today. There are some exciting changes afoot in the Boyhouse, mainly that this blog is going to be moving! Yes, soon you will be able to find me at, and those of you who find my blog via the search term “girl in a boy house” are going to be pleased with my new address. For those of you who have found my blog via the search term “braless in white shirt” and “milf fur coat”, well, I guess it won’t help. To be honest, if that’s how you found this blog, I’m unsure I would be able to help anyway.

But let’s look back at 2013 in the Boyhouse, shall we?


I recovered from a debilitating – albeit cleansing – bout of norovirus, aided by freezies and watching The Price is Right. I watched a lot of Breaking Bad and I talked about the MILF diet.

Me, recovering from norovirus, and cheering for the (SUPERBOWL CHAMPS) Ravens


I watched Top Gun and talked about movie theatres, I met the worst person in the world, and I was here today, gone to Maui.


I heard Sunglasses at Night twice in a ninety minute span on the same radio station, my life flashed before my eyes when I was almost crushed by a display of tampons at Costco, Mark turned nine, and Jake fell in love with the new hippo at the zoo.


The children got clock radios, I got a job as a food writer at Yummy Mummy Club, I turned 38, and my husband abandoned me in Home Depot.


I saw the greatest license plate ever, I realized that garden centres are the sexy pickup clubs of the elderly, and I broke my own rule and chaperoned a field trip.


I went to not one but two high school reunions and talked about hair from the 80s, I put on my married lady pants, and I wondered how Lee Garner Junior made Roger Stirling “hold his balls”. This was also the month of the devastating floods in Calgary.


I talked about things my husband dislikes about me, a brave undertaking if ever there was one, I talked about fashion, and my own questionable choices back in the day, and my husband gave me a Cosmopolitan magazine.


We went on vacation, I visited my grandma for what would be the last time, and Barkley found a dead fish.


The kids went back to school and I made a lot of lists, I cried in the grocery store and wondered what it would be like to have Mrs. Hall as a mother-in-law, Jake turned eight, and we had a moustastrophe.  


I went to a blogging conference and learned an important lesson about myself: if Vanilla Ice is playing, I will always do the running man, I got all full-moon-crazy, and it was Halloween and I had a hair crisis.


There was a moth in the house and I had a nervous breakdown, I ran the book fair and the kids displayed amazing kazoo talents, and I had my usual annual debate about the Sexiest Man Alive.


My beloved grandma passed away, I got bossy about Christmas, and I accidentally left the dog in the garage when I went to take him for a walk.

So that’s 2013 – a happy new year to you and yours!


  1. Awww, I love this. What a great way to review your year. I’m too lazy to even copy. Maybe for 2014? 🙂

  2. OF COURSE you have to do your year-end post now, how else will I know to do mine five days from now when it’s no longer the actual year end? I hope you had a blast rereading your posts and loving your blog voice as much as we do.

  3. Milf fur coat?! Oh my! hahaha Well that makes me feel less creepy about how I found your blog. 🙂 I finally have gotten in the habit of typing it in the address bar rather than google but that is great you will have your own site! By the way, did your soon to be sister-in-law like the deodorant? I was excited to see your recommendation because I have been looking for a good natural deodorant myself for quite some time! Happy New Year!


  4. Steph Lovelady says

    Happy New Year, Nicole. What a handy reference for dipping into the archives.

    Alison, if you’re thinking about doing a year-end post, you are ahead of me. I am still wondering whether or not to do a Christmas one or if two preparing for Christmas posts is enough. (I think today is now or never.)

  5. Love the year in review! It’s made me think that my resolution for 2014 should be to return to blogging. You’ve inspired me.

  6. Ok, I will admit that I have been in and out of your blog life, but I thought we had something together. I then stumble upon the picture of you in WHAT? A Raven’s shirt?? You were my Canadian blogger who was a Patriots fan. What happened? All I know now is the Raven’s got spanked and didn’t even make it to the post season. The Patriots, albeit limping a long a little bit have shown the kahonas(aka balls) to make it to the post season. What do you think about that Eh?

    Ok that is my Patriot fan rant. I am over it.

    I do like the new site and will be checking in more often. Clearly you need a good influence hanging around from time to time. ; p

    Happy New Year!

    • Hahaha! I have a Patriots shirt too, never fear. My husband just told me a few minutes ago that we weren’t going ANYWHERE next weekend because of the game. Like we ever go anywhere anyway!

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