Don’t masquerade with the guy in shades.

This morning I was driving to the yoga shala, and the radio was playing Sunglasses at Night.  Boy in the Box was one of my favourite albums back in 1985, and so I turned it up and sang along.  I pulled into a parking stall, still singing.  You’ve gone to bed with a guy in shades, oh no.  Then I turned off the car, went into the shala and did my practice.  An hour and a half later I got back into the car, turned it on, and Sunglasses at Night was on the radio.  Again.  At the exact same part of the song as it was when I turned the car off.  You’ve gone to bed with a guy in shades, oh no.  I sat motionless for a moment, feeling like I was in some surreal universe.  Where am I?  Did I actually GO into the shala?  Did I record Sunglasses at Night on a CD and not realize it?  WHAT IS HAPPENING?  It was, I should mention, the same radio station, which means that a hit from 1985 was played twice in less than a two hour period.  Very strange beginning to the day.

Speaking of strange and also going to bed with a guy in shades, I heard George Michael’s I Want Your Sex on the radio the other day.  Feel free to make a comment about the nature of the radio stations I listen to at this time.  Anyway, I clearly remember when I Want Your Sex came out and how terribly shocking it was at the time, back in the day before Eminem and Nate Dogg wanted a bitch with double-D’s to fuck in the back of a Hummer truck, or Rihanna was looking for a guy to go downtown, or even when Nelly wanted someone to fuck him good AND suck him good.  George Michael was scandalous back in 1987, but here’s the thing: I find the expression I want your sex to be very strange indeed.  You want my…sex?  Is this something anyone has ever said in the history of time?  I mean, until Bruno Mars recently intoned that your sex takes me to paradise.  Bruno, do you mean having sex with you takes me to paradise?  Because that would make a lot more sense.

You can tell that it’s Friday, can’t you?  Suddenly things are getting X-rated around here.  Unrelated to my strange thought processes spurred by hits from the mid-to-late eighties, it’s International Women’s Day!  International Women’s Day, and I just typed an entire paragraph about inappropriate song lyrics.  Anyway, it turns out I’m going to be spending International Women’s Day evening with a couple of my favourite girlfriends, who are coming over to taste test some new recipes.  One of them is chocolate pudding made out of cauliflower.  I know what you’re thinking, but it is actually pretty good, and it’s not just me saying that – Jake told me it was not bad, which I consider to be a win, given he was aware of the ingredients.

This is not to say my kids don’t like vegetables; they do, just not cauliflower.  Does anyone really like cauliflower?  I like it roasted, but other than that, it is a pretty lame vegetable.  It doesn’t even have a pretty colour and YES, I realize I am focussing on appearances, but it doesn’t taste great either.  I like vegetables that are beautiful inside and out, if you know what I mean.

I had something lovely to say here about inner and outer beauty, but Patio Lanterns just came on the radio, which may be the worst song ever written, other than Might As Well Go For A Soda, and so now I have lost that train of thought.  Patio Lanterns, for the love of god.  Is there a worse song?  Because right now even Macarthur Park seems awesome.

In any case, have a lovely International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate each other and how far we’ve come.  xoxo


  1. “Patio Lanterns” IS the worst song ever. I know one person who professes to like that song. Mind you she also loaned me the 50 Shades trilogy because it’s “pretty good!” and likes the Twilight books AND movies not as a guilty pleasure but as quality entertainment, so take from that what you will.

    I keep trying to make my family like cauliflower and it just isn’t happening, so if you will share that recipe I will try it. But I won’t tell them what’s in it before they taste it.

  2. Geez man. I don’t hate Patio Lanterns and everyone in this house likes cauliflower. What’s with all the hate speech? (totally one hundred percent kidding, because apparently sometimes in the winter I think I’m being hilariously funny when it sounds to everyone else like I’m being bitchy and mean.) Did that song really say ‘you’ve gone to bed with a guy in shades’?

  3. It’s so weird when you turn off the radio and then turn it back on and the same song is playing. Granted that doesn’t happen with classic hits of the ’80s so much. It’s a message. Corey is trying to contact you. Talk to Corey, Nicole.

    I go through phases when I really want cauliflower. I like how it looks like brains. And, it’s a white vegetable! How cool is that? I’d rather eat cauliflower than sweet potato but I know I am in a minority.

  4. I love cauliflower! I didn’t eat it till I was a grownup which means it’s one of the few vegetables that was not served to me the traditional Irish way: boiled until it’s a sodden tasteless mess. My husband steams it in the microwave the finishes it in a hot dry skillet with Indian spice blends.

    I’m dubious about any vegetable recipe that requires the vegetable to masquerade as something else. That seems wrong.

    Using “sex” in the manner of George Michael and Bruno Mars brings to mind Harlequin romance writers who love to use coy euphemisms for sex organs and sex acts. Yuck.

  5. Miss Elise says

    Only you Nicole would write a post like that and did I laugh!!! I see what you’re saying about the cauliflower. I tried it roasted in the oven one night when we were having a vegan dinner (my husband was at work)and my kids were gobbling it up like it was Easter chocolate… so perhaps cauliflower chocolate pudding isn’t that big of a stretch after all. But I love “Patio Lanterns” (but perhaps not Kim Mitchell – I never did understand his sense of fashion), because it reminds me of the days me and my sister would ride our bikes to Highwood Pool and swim the day away.

  6. I like cauliflower! But I’m the only one in this house. Recently, my husband asked me to “please, stop buying cauliflower”, but I won’t! Because it’s good! And one day they’ll agree! Though chocolate pudding cauliflower might make them change their minds.

    I’ve never been able to understand the lyrics to Sunglasses at Night. “I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can, watch you with ?????” That’s it. Those are the only words that I can discern. I’ll have to listen again to see if I can pick out that line. Who knew?

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  8. It was on Friday?
    I also partake in the old school movement. And I don’t care what anyone says, I think George Micheal is still hot.
    PS. Did you buy a lottery ticket that day

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