Yesterday I optimistically cleaned the house, sanitizing all the surfaces and disinfecting doorknobs.  I baked muffins and indulged in such self-care rituals as applying moisturizer, blow-drying my hair, and shaving my legs for the first time in many days.  I just finished reading How To Be A Woman, and while I enjoyed it, and felt […]

Pajama Jeans, Moose Mugs, and Strange Viruses

Probably because I had So Much To Do and Remember with regards to Christmas, various school spirit days, the casino fundraiser, and other random things happening this week, I got terribly sick on Sunday.  That will teach me!  I had a strange virus that presented as severe abdominal pain and a fever, and also narcolepsy.  […]

So bored! Send entertainment!

Here we are now.  Entertain us.Jake is now in Day Two of a cold.  I kept him home yesterday in hopes that it would be a quick recovery, only to have him wake up this morning, worse.  Backfire!  I’m not complaining too much; my kids are rarely sick and rarely miss school.  Even with swollen, […]

Friday Fun in the Boyhouse

Well, hello there, Friday!  It’s been a long time since I posted on a Friday evening.  Normally I’m too busy sitting on the couch making out with a bottle of wine and watching Jeopardy or reruns of 30 Rock to think about writing anything.  But lucky you, dear readers, because tonight I am sitting here […]

Sorry, but I’m not a bodybuilder

I am in a MOOD. I was in a very chipper mood this morning, even though it was snowing and gusty and freezing. Part of this chipper-ness had to do with the fact that my husband is now at home and I am not the sole responsible adult around here, and part of the chipper-ness […]

Tony Romo and his huge boner

My husband was watching Sunday NFL Countdown, when I overheard the commentator say “Tony Romo had the biggest boner in NFL history.” Who uses the word “boner” interchangeably with “screw up” anymore? Or ever, for that matter? In any case this, for me, surpassed the golf commentator’s use of “stroking”, the football colour commentator’s use […]

Adventures in Shopping

So far, it has been a very strange day.  I will say that, although I am very happy at the hard working contractors and their willingness to put in extra time to get the job done (GIT ER DUN), I am starting to get very TIRED of having people in the house all the time.  […]