Do not tiptoe through my tulips

It’s so strange to think that a month ago, the ice and snow had yet to melt from the backyard; the whole space is now growing, greening up, and blooming. Every single day I am out in the garden, weeding and watering and just staring at my plants, marvelling at the Miracle of Nature, and every single day there is something new growing, greening up, or blooming. Every single day I find myself humming that song from Beauty and the Beast, there’s something there that wasn’t there before, which is actually way more irritating from an earworm perspective than having Ride Like The Wind stuck in my head for five days straight.

Everything is growing well with the notable exception of my tulips. All through the neighbourhood, tulips in all colours and sizes are riotously blooming, teasing me with their beauty. My own tulips – the few that were left after the squirrels ate most of them – are the saddest specimens on the planet, or at least in the neighbourhood. Not one of them has a bloom or even a bud; the foliage is all flattened down to the ground, limp and pathetic. My husband thought maybe it was the location of the tulips, but no. That doesn’t explain it since they are all around the yard in different sun exposures. Is something destroying them specifically? All the other plants are healthy and thriving. Maybe I’m just the worst tulip gardener in the city; maybe they are faulty tulips, maybe something is specifically targeting and squishing them. All I know is that I am doomed to never have tulip blooms and I should just cut my losses and expectations.

See? That’s what all my tulips look like, as if a small anvil dropped from the sky and flattened them. I just don’t understand my Tulip Inadequacy.

I suppose that’s enough on that topic; after all, I’m sure you didn’t come here to read about my Tulip Failures. Or did you? I shouldn’t presume anything. All I know is that Junebug (HI JUNEBUG) asked me about my “Mom Book” – the old-school agenda that I write everything in: appointments, chores, classes, meal plans, and everything else pertaining to my life. Well, Junebug, your wish is my command! Here is the book, which I purchase every year at Chapters.

Bonus shot of my pedicure. It’s a 16 month calendar – although I usually do the switch-over in November – and there is plenty of room in the back for notes, important numbers, business cards, and the like. I usually have all the pertinent school notices stuck in there, along with things like the dog’s license and various receipts for anything done on the house.

It also has each month set out, and I use this to record the classes that I teach, in order to properly invoice.

When I choose my new daytimer every year, I spend time thinking about the cover, and the design, and if it’s pretty, but frankly, it stays open on my countertop and I never actually see the cover so this thought process could be for naught.

Here is what my week looks like usually the week before: a few classes, what I’m going to make for dinner each night, maybe an appointment, some notes regarding school trips, and – in the case of this past weekend – an important televised event in the way of the ROYAL WEDDING.

Side note: did you watch it? I set my alarm for four and shot awake at 3:50, because my little-known superpower is waking up before my alarm goes off.

Anyway, the week often looks pretty bare until it starts. Every week I think “oh, it’s going to be a quiet week” and every week my days are full, full, full.

What I like about this particular layout is that there are squares for different family members, although I never actually use it that way.

Note the grocery list above. I am just going to tell you my other little-known superpower: very little food-wise goes to waste in this house, and it is entirely due to meal planning and compulsive grocery lists. That notepad keeps running lists for Superstore, Costco, Co-Op, and Walmart, and I deviate very little from those lists. I know many people rely on their phones for their schedules and shopping lists but I don’t know, I guess I need the analog version. I need to be able to WRITE IT DOWN.

That concludes my organizational tips for the day: WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN AND DO NOT DEVIATE. Come hell or high water, when I write down we are having a stir-fry for dinner, WE ARE HAVING A STIR-FRY FOR DINNER. I write down little chores that I need to do, even if I do them regularly, because it is eminently satisfying to look at everything written down for the day and know that I accomplished those things.

I’m too structured, I’m completely closed off.

But in a good way!

Well, I have “make hummus” written down for this afternoon and that hummus is not going to make itself, people. Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  1. My tulips failed again, too. I was so disappointed. There should have been SO MANY. Instead there were like four, all weird twisted things without a good bloom. I like daffodils so much less, but I am switching to them because they come up every year (they taste bad to voles). This fall I am going to buy the FANCIEST daffodil bulbs.

  2. That is puzzling about the tulips. I know what it means if it looks like someone clipped their leaves with scissors (rabbits) but I’ve never seen them flat like that.

    We’re in a bulb hiatus right now, tulips and irises are done, tiger lilies not blooming yet.


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