Uh oh! Looks like someone’s got a case of the Blue Mondays!

Welcome to Blue Monday, statistically the saddest day of the year. According to the professor who came up with the formula, this could be the bluest Monday on record due to well-known political events, along recent death of childhood heroes, which serve to remind us all of our own mortality. Well.

I will say that I don’t feel particularly blue today, but because statistics don’t lie, I shall endeavor to write a blues-combating post of all the fun things going on around here. Right? We do not have to be victims here! Let’s revolt!

In Praise of the Astronaut

I am reading Commander Hadfield’s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth and it is simply wonderful: full of humour, inspiration, and background information on training to become an astronaut. He talks about preparation and learning, just in case, even when the odds of success are nearly zero. That’s a really interesting concept, to me. Just learn for the sake of learning, on the off chance that you might need it someday; there’s no such thing as being over-prepared when striving for excellence.

I keep reading little tidbits from the book out loud to my kids, and I thinthey are taking it in. Maybe I should take up cross-stitch and make a wall-hanging: What Would Commander Hadfield Do? He wouldn’t slack off on any of his obligations, that’s for sure.

In A Committed Relationship With Avocados

My friend Allison (HI ALLISON) sent me this makeup bag and it is my everything.

IMG_6699 (3)

We Are Living In The Future

I was having coffee with my friend Lyn the other day (HI LYN) and she mentioned how paying for coffee via an app on her phone feels like living in the future. I, for one, embrace it. I mean, I’ve been reading Allison’s annual book review posts, and every time something sounds interesting, I put it on hold at the library using my app. How much easier does it get? Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, and probably will mention many more times, ROOMBA. Roomba is whirring away right now. The only way life could be improved is if Roomba could somehow do stairs. Or, if I finally got around to making a DJ Roomba:

What’s hot, DJ Roomba?

Aging Gracelessly

For a few months last year, I decided to try an expert’s advice and NOT use eye cream but instead use a very good regular moisturizer around my eyes. My Kiehl’s had run out and I was feeling a bit, well, Scottish. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING HERE.

Suffice it to say that not using eye-specific cream wasn’t a good plan for me. One day I looked in the mirror and…well, I looked like a cross between a raccoon and the Crypt Keeper. I did a little research and decided to go to the Clinique counter to buy a little pot of All About Eyes. Do I have to say this isn’t a sponsored post? It’s not.

Anyway, I went to the Clinique counter, mentioned I was looking for something for puffiness and undereye circles. The sweet, pretty girl at the counter directed me to All About Eyes “Rich” for, as she put it, “all my wrinkles, too.” I have to say it’s worked fairly well, although for $45 I was hoping for something a little more dramatic: like I would instantly look 15 years younger or something. I guess what I really need is an Instagram filter, but for life. However, I shall take what I can get.

Okay, deep breath. Here’s the before and after. The first photo was taken in mid-November, the second after a week of use.

IMG_6108 (2)IMG_6120 (2)

I mean, it’s an improvement to be sure, but it’s not cosmetic surgery results or anything. And frankly, I wanted cosmetic surgery results. But the search continues and I will be sure to let you know how it goes. First, I need to finish my Clinique stuff because, Scottish. I am open to suggestions!

My You Tube Search History Really Says Something About Me

IMG_6697 (2)

I’m just not sure what that “something” is.

I Love My Hair Therapist

This is how my relationship is with my hair therapist: I walk in and sit at her chair. Without talking about it, she mixes my colour, applies it, rinses it, uses special strengthening treatment, dries it and trims the ends in what is always the perfect amount. WE NEVER TALK ABOUT IT. There is something so comforting and freeing about this relationship. I always leave happy, and usually rested since I almost always fall asleep in the shampoo chair and then startle myself awake. I was there just last week and, as usual, she brought me Hello! magazine without judgement. What can I say, I like to catch up on all the news about the British Royal Family.

IMG_6705 (3)

That’s about all I can think of for Blue Monday! Why not pay it forward and be extra nice to everyone you see – they might be blue. xo


  1. I’m not that bad today either, but yesterday was awful. Instead of killing myself, I let my aching uterus do the grocery shopping, which is not terribly healthy but it’s only for one week. I’m SO HAPPY you love the avocado bag as much as I thought you would. And I need some of that under-eye stuff really badly. Or cosmetic surgery. Love you!

    • Every morning when I open up my drawer in the bathroom and see it, it feels like a giant hug. I love it SO MUCH. J asked me “How did your friend know you love avocados?” Oh, child.

  2. I’m always surprised by Blue Monday talk, because by the time Blue Monday rolls around, the hours have turned and the days are finally getting noticeably longer, and for me that always sparks hope and happiness. A few days ago I was taking my youngest to a class in the evening, when it’s been pitch black for weeks, but this time it was sort of greyish twilight – man, now that I type that out it seems rather like grasping at straws, but it cheered me up so I’ll take it.

    Also: not sure where you go the first GIF, of the girl crying in the rain, but I totally want to watch whatever movie that is. Is that weird?

  3. I’d never heard of Blue Monday. It was the MLK holiday here, which seems like it should throw off the calculations. A lot of people off work and school, not so Mondayish.

  4. I feel SURE that wasn’t part of the algorithm. You’re right, the calculations must be off!

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