Post-Halloween Syndrome

Is it okay to start playing Christmas music now?


I’m only sort of kidding.

Is anyone suffering from post-Halloween-exhaustion? Last night the kids had a blast and I’m happy to report that I managed to dispense of ALL of the 250 mini chocolate bars, and only a few of those went into my own children’s bags. We had 18 Trick-or-Treaters, which was a near record for us. I was VERY heavy-handed with the treats, and I was delighted to see four of the boys’ friends at my door. They were our last Trick-or-Treaters, and they each got about twenty candies. Three teens came to my door with no costumes whatsoever, but I am a proponent of teens Trick-or-Treating, as opposed to teens doing fentanyl or whatever it is that kids do these days, and so they all got a generous handful.

My kids’ costumes turned out…well…I’m not sure how to describe them.


Our neighbours were very generous and kind, as usual. One elderly man who lives down the street dropped off two little goody bags for the boys, explaining to me that he wouldn’t be home tonight and didn’t want them to miss out. The goodies were in those little paper bags that the pharmacy uses for prescriptions, and the sight of those bags, with the word “Enjoy!” written on them, made me smile all day long. What a sweet man he is. I love our neighbourhood.

The boys came home with bags filled to the brim with candy, chips, and one religious tract each, warning them that Halloween is Satan’s holiday, and that the Lord hates Halloween, and we should probably all repent lest we go in the wrong direction when we die. Festive!

Didn’t it feel a bit strange, having such festivities on a Monday night? I decided to take down the decorations today; normally that is strictly a Blue Job in my house, but the thought of having the Grim Reapers in my front yard, along with the rest of the spooky touches, until the weekend seemed a bit much. Especially after reading the religious tracts. So I got out the ladder and laboriously took down all the decorations, and immediately started to think of Christmas lights. It’s probably too soon for that, though. I’m guessing my husband would have something to say about that, and since putting up Christmas lights is without exception a Blue Job around here, I’ll have to wait a week or two.

I’m NOT going to wait to do my Christmas shopping, though. I know the mall is going to be playing Christmas music so…




  1. Too soon for me, but whatever works for you.

  2. Maybe I SHOULD start the Christmas music. I always say I’ll start the first of December, and then it never happens until later that week, and then I never feel like I’ve had enough time with Boney M and Imaginary Heaven. Perhaps it would relieve some of the unrelenting bleakness of November. We only had twenty kids this year – the least ever. All of them were really nice, though, and Angus didn’t go out so he’s happy for the leftovers.

  3. Sadly I feel obliged to wait until Thanksgiving is over here in America. To be honest, I kind of resent TG for getting in the way of busting out the Christmas. Although Halloween tired me out because we get a ridiculous number of TOT’ers and Youngest and a pack of friends hit the neighborhood hard so maybe it’s best for me to have a mandated break between the two kid holidays….

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