Is it time to panic yet?

My word, it has been a long week, hasn’t it? It feels like it should have been Friday for days now. It’s not over yet by any means; not only do I have a three hour class tonight, but in just over an hour I will be on a school bus, chaperoning a field trip to the Olympic Oval. I actually have no idea why we are going to the Oval, except that there is something to do with speed skating. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

So it’s been a long week but not a bad one by any means. In fact, many good things have happened this week. For example, I saw this:


Kyle MacLaughlin, dressed as a kale salad. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Kyle/ Kale MacLaughlin. I’ve had a soft spot for him for years, even when he played Charlotte’s douchey, breast-obsessed, mommy’s-boy husband on Sex in the City. For one thing, he looks an awful lot like my own non-douchey, non-breast-obsessed, non-mommy’s-boy husband. It’s not just me saying that, either. His budget-backpack-travel youth coincided with the height of Twin Peaks, and while in Indonesia he posed for a lot of photos. I like to imagine the family photos which include my husband, in those houses.

Thursdays are my very busiest day of the week; they are pretty much a whirlwind of ceaseless activity. Yesterday, due in large part to my recent hair appointment, God bless my hair therapist, I had an AMAZING hair day. Usually my good hair days coincide with the days I don’t have anywhere to go or anything outside the house to do, and it feels like a waste. But I had a great hair day ON A THURSDAY. Miracles do happen, people. They happen every day. We just have to look for them.


This is not to say everything has been glorious this week. Today I broke a nail putting on my compression stockings, which says a lot about everything. Also, last night I witnessed a couple having a legit angry argument around the semantics of the word “shortage.”

Man: Hmm. There seems to be a shortage of eggs.

Woman: A SHORTAGE? Oh my god. What do you MEAN, a shortage of EGGS?

Man, gesturing towards the egg cooler at Superstore: There’s not that many eggs to choose from.

Woman: That’s not really a shortage. GOD. That just means they are almost OUT of eggs because it’s the end of the DAY. Don’t say it’s a shortage. It’s not a SHORTAGE, for God’s sake.

Man: Whatever! There’s not a lot of eggs!

Woman: It isn’t a SHORTAGE.

At that point I grabbed my orange juice and backed away. I mean, I don’t know what’s going on your life, but maybe some deep breaths would be beneficial?

But who am I to talk? I have been in low-level panic about the Madagascar drought and resulting worldwide vanilla shortage for a few months now. Everyone knows that the key to an amazing baked-good experience is doubling the vanilla, and here we are with a shortage.

I was at Costco and they were OUT of vanilla extract, and my own panic was similar to that of the Egg Lady. I have one bottle in my possession and I’m not sure at what point I start extreme rationing. Is it time to panic yet? Should I start hoarding? WHAT NOW.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. I need to keep calm because, after all, I’m going to be on a school bus shortly and that is cause for panic enough. Have a great weekend, everyone. xo


  1. COSTCO OUT OF VANILLA!? I’m not being sarcastic, this is serious. That’s where I get all of my vanilla and baking season JUST STARTED. Ack!!

  2. Down here in the States, all panic is focused on the election. Tuesday cannot come too soon.

  3. Favorite parts:

    1. “Today I broke a nail putting on my compression stockings, which says a lot about everything.”
    2. The argument about shortage-or-not-a-shortage

  4. I totally thought that was your husband for a minute, even though I KNEW it was Kyle McLachlan. Does looking at him make you hungry, Nicole? Does it? Sorry, I”ll show myself out, after snorting at the couple-who-needs-extreme-immediate-therapy and gasping at the news of a vanilla shortage.

  5. And your hair does look fabulous.

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