When I am 41, I shall wear purple.

Here’s a PSA for you: the Alberta government no longer sends out renewal notices for car registration or driver’s license updates. Now, this is a bit of a moot point for me since I haven’t received a renewal notice for YEARS. Each time I go to the registry office, they tell me it was returned because of “address unknown,” and yet, my address is correct in the system and always has been. This is a mystery that has never been solved. Address correct. Postal code correct. Renewal notice received? No. At one point I had the hypothesis that perhaps it was delivered to the wrong address, and the recipient decided not to drop it at my house but instead marked it “Return To Sender.” However, this has happened too many years in a row, for that and only that document, and so I think that hypothesis is incorrect. But what is the answer? No one seems to know.

In any case, it doesn’t matter now. A friend emailed our circle to remind us that renewal notices are no longer mailed out, which was a timely reminder for me. Both my license and registration were about to expire, and so today I popped over to the registry office – where the lady helpfully mentioned that my renewal notice was returned as “undeliverable” – and took care of business. Mercy, I forgot how awful it is to get a driver’s license photo. Passport photos are worse, to be sure, but my new driver’s license photo makes me look like a cross between the crypt keeper and Lizzy Borden.

I’ve been a bit tired this week, which is hell on my undereye circles. In retrospect it would have been better to get a photograph done after a great night’s sleep, but what can you do. Fortunately it’s in black and white, so my grey roots will not be as obvious.

Speaking of grey roots and undereye circles, my birthday is coming up! Last weekend we went to my parents’ house to celebrate, and my mom took me shopping as a birthday gift. Among other things, she purchased me a flowy, long, beautiful, PURPLE wrap. It’s very pretty, and did I mention it’s purple? I know. I KNOW. I wore it yesterday on a field trip, and I had a few girls tell me that “my purple cape was very pretty.” Aw! My boys, as well, had nothing but compliments for it, and they are not the kind of kids who notice what I’m wearing at any given time. I’m trying to wear colour slightly more often, even if I do feel like a bit of a peacock when I wear something other than black or grey. I did wear a black top underneath the wrap, in an attempt at normalcy.

And yes! That’s two field trips in five days, which includes the weekend. The field trip was the same as the one last week – the Police Interpretive Centre – so at least it was interesting and engaging. It was almost exactly the same in content, but this class forewent the “Bullying” module in favour of the “Drugs” one. I worried that it might be a bit old for the class, but it turns out it wasn’t at all. It was “scare them off of drugs” without being nightmare-inducing.

The field trips are done for the year now, which means I did it! Some of you may recall that this was my goal for the school year; since giving up my responsibilities as School Council/ Parent Association chair, I had decided I would volunteer more in the classroom and on field trips. Every opportunity that arose I took it, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve realized that Grades Five and Six are actually fun to go on field trips with: they mostly stay on task, they stay together, and they are fairly responsible. No one tries to run away or get separated from the group, everyone makes an attempt to complete the assignment at hand. And I even get my ego stroked with compliments on my outfit! It doesn’t get much better than that. Mental note: for next year’s field trips, wear purple wrap.


  1. “…my new driver’s license photo makes me look like a cross between the crypt keeper and Lizzy Borden.” Ha! I dread having mine renewed; they are in color here, too. I quite like the current one when I was a spring chicken at 37.

    I went on a field trip to a zoo today and I am exhausted. There were 5 kids and 4 parents in our group and we needed every one of us to keep up with one of the boys. You’re right that the older kids are easier, but at my son’s school all the older kids are paired up occasionally with a younger kid. So my son’s 4th grade class has 2nd grade “buddies.” There were 22 kids in the 2nd grade class and 21 in the 4th grade, so my son has two buddies. He calls them “my good buddy” and “my bad buddy.” We talked about not using those terms so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but after today, I have to say…he’s not wrong.

    It was still a nice field trip, though.

  2. Ugh driver’s license photos. I swear I’m smiling and then get the picture and I look like I’m about to cut a bitch. Seriously, I have no idea what happens in the split second before the photo is taken but it must be something terrible. BAH!

  3. I hadn’t chaperoned a field trip since J was in preschool until yesterday and 9 and 10 years olds ARE a lot easier than 4 and 5 year olds. Go figure. There was almost nothing to do really.

  4. It’s lovely when children notice what we’re wearing and compliment us. Your purple wrap sounds glamorous. I have a rust coloured felt hat that dips over one eye and makes me feel like Lady Mary. I wore it to school drop off this Fall and a little girl raced up full of compliments for my hat. My heart was swelling for this sweet girl and her kind words when she chased her compliment with, “you look just like Michael Jackson!”. Really? M.J. Wasn’t exactly what I was going for. The hat languishes in the closet.

  5. Nowheymama says

    My current driver’s licence photo is horrible and really zoomed in on my face. LIke, my face fills the entire frame and looks huge.
    I am chaperoning a band trip to NYC next week, so expect to see me venting on Twitter a lot more than you usually do.

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