All depressing subjects covered in one blog post.

Perhaps in a foreshadowing to Black Monday, it snowed on Friday! Snow in August isn’t unheard of, but it isn’t exactly typical either. Well, snow melts and markets move and the world keeps on spinning.

Fortunately we didn’t have any snow actually stick at our house and my flowers are still alive and well, despite it being 3 degrees for much of the day. The weather has definitely changed and it feels like fall. Even though the afternoons are warm and sunny, there’s still a crispness to the air. School starts next week and despite my excitement about wearing boots and scarves, I’m feeling a bit melancholy about it. We’ve had such a wonderful summer that I’m loathe to have it end. We are trying to fit in as many fun things as possible during this week – the zoo, the pool, the amusement park – so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Last week I took the kids to see Inside Out. In retrospect, this might not have been the best idea since I has hormonal and emotional, and I had a giant lump in my throat for the whole movie, and actual mascara-wrecking tears at the end of Bing Bong. What a good movie that was. I highly recommend it to everyone as it was probably the most clever and entertaining children’s movie since the first Shrek.

Remember when Shrek first came out, and what a delight it was? I remember seeing it in the theatre with my then-boyfriend-now-husband and just wanting to watch it over and over to catch all the little jokes again. I feel this way about Inside Out – that it’s a many-times-re-watchable movie.

Speaking of re-watching things, the boys have developed an interest in Downton Abbey. I know! I can’t believe my luck either. It all started last year when we were visiting my in-laws; the television at our disposal doesn’t actually have any channels available, and so I had brought my Downton DVD’s with me. The boys started watching with me, and now we are working our way back into Season Four. I’m starting to feel a little uneasy, though, because although the boys have dealt with the storylines involving war, pregnancy struggles, death, and murder, I’m not sure if I’m ready to explain rape to them. Although, a few weeks ago I did have to explain child sexual abuse to Mark, who was completely stunned that such a thing could happen. Aren’t we all, though.

Let’s see: market crashes, snow in August, the death of childhood imaginary friends, and now rape and sexual abuse. I think I’ve covered pretty much every depressing subject available to me today. Quick! Let’s think of something cheerful! How about puppy Barkley sleeping in a Thomas the Tank Engine chair?


 Ah. That’s better!



  1. Snow? SNOW?! That’s inconceivable!

    I am glad the sun is shining again.

    Yes. Yes, I did completely glaze over all the other depressing stuff.

    Oh look! A PUPPY!!

  2. I am usually chomping at the bit, ready for school to start, but this year not so much.. I haven’t worked at all today and I’m thinking of taking the kids on a creek walk instead of working this afternoon.
    And this is far from snow (snow!) in August, but I’ve noticed if I go out in the yard barefoot in the early morning (7 or 8) and stay out there, my feet get the tiniest bit cold.

  3. That is the CUTEST picture ever. Also I am blown away by the idea of August snow – it’s still considered summer here, the kids are all off school all month and snow is just… wow.

    With the Downton Abbey dilemma, I don’t remember perfectly but if I recall correctly the episode isn’t very graphic about what actually happens to Anna. You could give a simple explanation that Anna didn’t want the man to kiss and touch her, but he did it anyway, and maybe a clearer explanation to your older boy separately? Depends what their knowledge of sex is like really. Good opportunity for a discussion about consent – not just relating to sex, but more broadly.

  4. bibliomama2 says

    FFS, SNOW in AUGUST? NOT cool, Mother Nature. We’re just moving out of a heat wave, which I suspect is meant to convince me that I’m okay with summer coming to a close, which I’m not.

    Inside Out was Fan-freaking-tastic. And now I want to watch Shrek again. Angus and I watched Paul tonight, where the two guys from Shaun of the Dead meet an alien named Paul. It was hilarious, but oh my god, all the swears ever. Although he’s finally old enough that I don’t visibly flinch every time someone says motherfucker.

  5. Speaking of depressing things, I am cracking up at the FB comments about your awesome looking vegan cheese sauce. “That doesn’t sound like cheese at all, Nicole.” The joys of online recipe publishing.

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