I’ve got 99 problems, but after tonight chairing the School Council/ Parent Association will not be one of them.

The long weekend is so early this year! It’s really thrown me off my game. I just realized that this is the earliest it can possibly be, so it’s not just me and my “What? Already?” feelings.

Adding to the panic-at-the-disco feeling is that – in addition to my husband being away earlier this week, and dealing with work deadlines – I’m scrambling to prepare for the last School Council/ Parent Association meeting of the school year, which is tonight. This is significant because it’s also the last meeting that I will chair, putting an end to my four years of tyranny and bossiness.

I have to say, I’m relieved. I felt like I was spread much too thin this year, and also that four years is a long time to chair anything, but especially a council that can be fraught at times. I did love doing it, though, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing like getting all the insider information, developing relationships with all the school staff, and being the liaison between parents and the administration. It’s good stuff! But four years – as a friend just reminded me, that’s the length of a US presidency. Bush, Carter, Ford, and me – four-year presidents.

Unrelatedly, I have a hair appointment this afternoon. On the weekend, I caught my husband looking at me strangely. I initially assumed he was looking at me with adoration and lust, but that idea faded when he asked if I had a hair appointment scheduled for this week. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING. Maybe he had adoration and lust too, I don’t know.

Speaking of my life of glamour, this morning I was walking through the kitchen carrying a full laundry basket, and I slipped on a tiny puddle of water, left there from when Barkley drinks from his water dish and his fuzzy face drips on the floor. I wrenched my ankle a bit, but managed not to actually fall. My ankle’s a bit sore, but imagine if I had really hurt myself? That would have been embarrassing. How did you break your ankle again?

In any case, this afternoon I’ll be resting my ankle at the hair salon, while catching up on all of the gossip about unknown-to-me celebrities.


  1. I’m so impressed that you chaired it for four years. The thought makes me break out in mental hives.

  2. Congrats on a job well done.

  3. What Alison said. Come on, you didn’t stab anyone even a tiny bit during all that time? You’re a rockstar. I had the same feeling about this week-end being the long week-end, especially when I realized that I’m supposed to spend Saturday at a redneck shoot-out birthday party. Yes, with actual guns. So un-Canadian.

  4. I did it for years, too. I made great friends there.

    It is an often thankless job, but when you have a few like-minded individuals on your team it can be so amazing!

    I miss my PC peeps so much now that I am in a different city, but I do not miss the job. That’s a lie. Sometimes, I miss parts of the job. It’s really nice to be inside the school and know what’s happening. It’s great to plan things and see them though. That part I miss.

    Good for you! Volunteers are a special breed!

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