Three Things

After an entire summer of beautiful, sunny, warm weather, it is suddenly cold, dark, and rainy. There are a few red leaves on my Mayday tree, and the heat clicked on this morning. Brrr. I bit the bullet yesterday, and donned socks and ankle boots, instead of the sandals and ballet flats I’ve been wearing all summer. The boys willingly put on their fleece-lined jackets to take the dog for a walk, which is really saying something.

In the face of all this damp chill, tomorrow is my brother’s wedding, and it’s an outdoor ceremony. I have only one thing to say, and that is that outdoor weddings are for the very optimistic, especially in Alberta.

A friend of mine had posted “Three Weird Things” on her Facebook yesterday, and I was suddenly inspired to do the same. I’m going to share three strange facts about myself, and I would love it if you did the same!

1) When I was very young, I apparently thought that growing up was a metamorphic free-for-all, because I wanted to be a flower. Repeat: I wanted to be a flower when I grew up. I can remember feeling actually devastated when I realized that flowers DIE in the winter. Yes, they might be perennial, and they might self-seed, but they DIE. After this terrible realization, I amended my life goals.

2) My favourite childhood treat was Pink Elephant popcorn, which my dad would buy for me when I’d go with him to run errands. I loved those boxes of pink popcorn; pink was my favourite colour and I believe there was also a prize inside.

3) When I was sixteen, I was in a play called “Buried Child”, which was all about incest and infanticide. It was staged at my high school, which seems alarming and unbelievable. I played Shelley, and in one of the scenes I carried a prosthetic leg around. There was an awkward scene where a character shoved his hand in my mouth; thinking of the hygiene of high school boys, I shudder.


A photo taken from my high school yearbook – I was in rehearsal.


Your turn! Tell me three weird things about yourself – the weirder, the better. Can you top wanting to be a flower? xo


  1. I can’t think of three particularly weird things right now, but when I was a child I wanted to be a horse.

    • Yay – I love that thinking. Like we can totally change species just by getting older. Actually, sometimes I *do* feel like I’m a different species from the young folk 🙂

  2. happy geek says

    In elementary school I read and re-read Anne of Green Gables so much that I was pretty much convinced I WAS Anne.
    We were KINDRED SPIRITS she and I!
    I too was in a disturbing High school play, I do not remember much about it, I had been roped into doing it for a friend’s grade 12 directing project.
    But drama at my high school was disturbing anyway, in a basement and the drama teacher had pictures of himself wearing a dog collar posted on his walls.
    Pink Popcorn! I bet there are a million recipes for the homemade version of that on Pinterest if you want to introduce your boys!

  3. I cannot adequately express how much I love that you wanted to be a flower when you grew up. As you were among the most flowerlike people I know, I think you succeeded, metaphorically if not literally. Also, I feel like we’re telepathically linked, because I’ve been flooded with odd memories from high school and before for the last couple of days before even READING this post. And that play? That’s just some wacky shit. I like the prosthetic leg, though. (Oh, I’m going to save my three weird things for a free post idea, OBVIOUSLY.)

  4. I haven’t had a hair cut in 32 years, since I was 15. My hair just doesn’t grow much longer than shoulder length and I like it like that, so I just leave it as is. I don’t have anything else, but I think that should be worth 3 weird things.

    • I’m staring at this in disbelief. You haven’t had your hair cut in 32 years? That’s incredible! Also reminds me of that line from Hair “You don’t ever have to cut it ’cause it stops by itself.” YOU HAVE PROVEN THIS TO ME! Amazing!

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