Empty Nest Overcompensation

The kids are in karate camp this week, which means that I am kid-free for SEVEN HOURS A DAY. This is not something that happens ever, even during the school year, since they come home for lunch. I seem to be compensating for this empty nest by DOING ALL THE THINGS. I have been unbelievably productive, to the point where I’m starting to question my sanity. I mean, do I really need to be frantically busy every second that the children are not here just because they’re not here? Do I need to seize every single moment to do something useful or work-related? It’s not like they are toddlers; I can actually accomplish things when they are at home.

In the face of all this me-time, I did what any girl would do: book an appointment for a dental cleaning and check-up. Perhaps not the most hedonistic thing to do but my dental experience has improved exponentially by the introduction of an electrosonic dental-scaler. Maybe it’s hydrosonic. I don’t know, in any case it’s so much better than the old-school scalers of yore which would leave me with bleeding gums and in a foul mood for the remainder of the day. (note to self: floss EVERY day). I used to think that a Pap smear was highly preferable to dental scaling but the advent of this electro/hydro thingy, and my recent experience with a substitute OB/GYN who could only be described as “ham handed” has me singing a different tune. I mean, it wasn’t exactly a trip to the spa, but then again I’m not desperate for me-time pampering, given that I just had a weekend at my parents in which I was completely spoiled. For one thing, my mom and I had pedicures and lunch out; for another thing, I spent hours like this:


And watching this:


And also consuming lots of wine and chips and other tasty things. So, I’m feeling pretty relaxed going into this nearly kid-free week, with the only stressors being a) packing lunches and b) making sure the kids are covered in sunscreen before 8:30 am. This is more challenging than it sounds; apparently I’m off my school-year game.

Another thing I’ve saved to do this week is bra shopping. My very favourite black bra finally gave up the ghost, as I uncomfortably discovered when the underwire broke loose. I had to walk around wearing my ridiculous “for special occasions” push up bra. I just wanted a regular bra, not one that would “add two cup sizes”, not one that is described as “sexy” or “flirty”, just an everyday bra to wear under everyday tank tops. A trip to Victoria’s Secret was in order! You all know how I love Victoria’s Secret: the pretty, generous, and nicely lit change rooms, the fancy displays, the sweet and business-like salesgirls who don’t yell at you for wearing the wrong bra size like the ladies who work in The Bay. Now, I know it’s not for everyone, but for us run-of-the-mill B cups, Victoria’s Secret is excellent. Plus they have this Body by Victoria collection, and it is amazing. Super soft, non-ridiculous bras.

Speaking of ridiculous, look what I saw at the mall:


A one-piece, strapless, DENIM short set. Why. WHY.


  1. Ham handed made me snort laugh.

  2. I have more work than I can handle now that the kids are out of school (after months of not having enough), so even though J’s in camp most weeks, the summer is feeling more harried than relaxed so far. I hope I can find a better balance in the 5.5 weeks we have left.

    I have no insight on the denim short set. Sorry. I think possibly there is no insight to be had.

  3. smothermother says

    i was at the dentist yesterday too. the first time i had a cleaning in three years. to say dentists make me anxious is a terrible understatement. but my new dentist is lovely and not only does she have the new electro/hydro thingy, she has the gas! oh how i now love the gas. so i only cried once for a short while instead of for the whole visit. i call victory!

    • I once had this horrible hygienist who scraped my teeth ferociously, made my gums bleed, scolded me for drinking coffee and wine, and then made fun of me when I said I didn’t want the X-Ray because I thought I might be pregnant. I had never been recalcitrant to go to the dentist before that, but it took me 4 years to make an appointment after that incident.

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