One Year More

Whenever I think I’m really losing it, I turn to the lovely people of the internet. I adore you all, you t-shirt piling, grocery bag packing, towel straightening, list writing people, you. As soon as I finished that last post, I broke a nail, then spent 15 minutes carefully filing down all my other nails so that they would all be the same length. I feel that this is something you need to know about me.

My goodness, I’ve been a busy bee this week, and not just because of broken nails. Part of my busyness has to do with my School Council/ Parent Association duties. It appears I am going to be chairing for a fourth year, and I have been humming the tune of One Day More over and over, but mentally replacing “day” with “year”. I really have no further comment.

I’m never too busy to take a Buzzfeed quiz, though, and today I discovered that the superhero I should “hook up with” is Batman. Good to know that Buzzfeed quizzes are an accurate reflection of our world.

“Bruce Wayne is a total mess on a psychological level, but he’s committed to total mental and physical perfection and one must assume that carries over to sex. Also, he’s got to be into some really weird stuff, right? That could be interesting.”

What did we do before Buzzfeed quizzes? I guess we did the regular ones you would find in Cosmo, “What kind of girlfriend are you?” and “What’s your bedroom style?” Remember those? You’d have to fill out a pile of questions and then add them up yourself, flipping from page to page. Now we just lazily click on the multiple choice answer to “Which personality trait is the most sexy?” and “Choose a date activity.” Then, in two minutes or less, you find out that you are best suited to a billionaire who is a highly trained martial artist with massive baggage and a really cool car.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that our society used to work hard for those kinds of meaningful answers. Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Fill out these fifty questions and then add up all the corresponding numbers.

Speaking of meaningful answers, are you looking for a new and interesting potato chip flavour? Well, have I got the answer for you. I was in Planet Organic the other day and something caught my eye:


Someone liked the flavour of haggis so much they made it into a potato chip!



This I just found funny. “Mature” cheddar and onion.

The more you know, I guess. All this time I’ve been disparaging the cuisine of my ancestors, and lo, it appears that there is a Scottish Culinary Fan Club. Someone thought up the idea to make haggis-flavoured potato chips, then they manufactured said chips, and, apparently, people BUY them. Well, as my grandma would say, it takes all kinds.


  1. I would try the mature cheddar potato chips, out of the spirit of scientific inquiry of course. But, as a vegetarian, I am excused from the haggis ones.

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