Nicole’s Favourite Things: The Makeup Edition Part 2

Superbowl Sunday! I’ve already made my kale chips for the big day, which, I should note, will only be eaten by me. My husband has the Superbowl set to record so that he can fast forward through the commercials. You see, we don’t get the exciting and fun commercials up here; we merely get local offerings due to some kind of CRTC ruling that I really don’t understand although it has been explained to me several times. My husband used to go insane with rage at the twentieth “Leon’s Furniture Warehouse” commercial or similar, until we bought a PVR. Now he starts watching at least 45 minutes into the game and fast forwards Pete the Plumber with his little toilet dog and CTV presents the Olympics, and everyone is happy. Or, happier.

In addition to the kale chips, I’ve also baked up a gorgeous smelling cinnamon loaf, and am awaiting the corn chowder to thaw enough to start simmering on the stove. It’s a lovely idyllic day in the Boyhouse, but I need to make amends for something.

After writing my last post about makeup, I was reminded by one Mr. Dan Thompson that I forgot a very important makeup brand – Daniel Thompson Beauty! In my defense, I was recording my morning routine and one of my most loved DT Beauty products is used at night, but really, I’m horrified at the omission.

You see, Dan and I go way back; not only do we both write for Yummy Mummy Club, but in fact we were in high school together nearly 24 years ago!


Me, back when I first met Dan. He knew me when my signature look was babydoll dresses and army boots.


In any case, if you put the two of us side by side, you could well believe that I was in high school almost 24 years ago, but Dan? Maybe you’d guess ten.



Which is to say, the man obviously knows his skin care. His line of beauty products and makeup is now available in Calgary – and it is widely available in Eastern Canada – but my preference is to shop online.

Nicole’s Favourite Things: Daniel Thompson Beauty Products

The Mineral Volumizer. You know that one friend who, when you notice her thick, full lashes and ask what mascara she is wearing, says that she actually is unable to wear mascara, because it makes her naturally amazing lashes too long and they hit her sunglasses when she blinks and it’s so annoying? I am not that friend. I envy people their long eyelashes and if I wasn’t so crazily paranoid about someone touching my eyelashes and face I would probably get those lash extensions. However, I am that crazily paranoid and I prefer to do my own eyelash enhancing in the privacy of my own bathroom. Well, Dan has created the Mineral Volumizer, which is kind of like a conditioner, but for eyelashes. It is applied at nighttime, before bed, and it is non-irritating and it helps enhance naturally occurring lash growth. I have super sensitive eyes, such that eye cream even bothers me – although Dan says that eye cream is unnecessary if you have good face cream – and this product doesn’t irritate my eyes in the least. Plus, lashes!



The Gloss. I love a good lipgloss, but it’s so hard to find the right colour. When I saw Dan at Blissdom Canada in the fall, he suggested Spiced Apple for me, and it was perfect. “It’s you!” he said, and he was right. That’s the other thing about Dan; it’s his job to make a woman beautiful, but he has a knack of making a woman feel that she is already beautiful, and he’s just enhancing things. It’s a rare quality, I think, to see the beauty in every woman.


Me, wearing Spiced Apple.


Makeup! I could talk about it all day long, but sadly I’m being called to make a lunch of pancakes for the children, so that’s all for today.


  1. The Spiced Apple IS perfect for you. And I will try that volumizer (I’m with you – somebody touching my face – EWG. I practically have to be sedated for dental exams). And I’d STILL wear babydoll dresses and army boots if I thought I could get away with it.

  2. Spiced Apple is has been renamed – it is now called The Gloss #4

  3. No big corporate Super Bowl commercials in Canada? They don’t want to sell you stuff up there? That seems odd. You need Cheerios as much as anyone else, right?

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