So eeeeeeevvillllllllll

The Halloween Dance was all that anyone could hope it would be, and more. Well, except for the two women who showed up early, kids in tow, and complained bitterly that there was a charge. Even after my friend explained that the dance is, indeed, a fundraiser, they continued to complain about the $3 charge, the dollar that was charged per bake sale item, and the fact that there were minimum bids on items of a certain value at the silent auction. I tried to sweetly and gently explain the role of the Parent Association in our school – fundraising dollars going to classroom supplies and to sponsor certain clubs and committees – but the women refused to even look at me or acknowledge that I was speaking. It took some major self control to not put my face three inches away from theirs and say “LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU.”

Other than those two, a good time was had by all. We raised lots of money – no thanks to Misses Crabby Pants who were also wearing total mom jeans, not that I’m being bitchy or anything, I’m just stating a fact, MOM JEANS – and the dance floor was packed all night long. Plus my kids were Luke Skywalker and Count Dracula, so that was fun.

Mark’s eyebrows are totally what mine would look like if I didn’t pluck them.

Do I look eeeeeeeevilllllllll?

It was beautifully warm on Saturday, followed by heavy snowfall on Sunday, which feels just right for October in Calgary. All of the shrubs that hadn’t yet lost all their leaves are now sadly bent over with the weight of the heavy, wet snow. It looks kind of pretty, even if it did wreck the nicest fall colours in recent memory.

We took advantage of the chilly day yesterday to carve pumpkins. Unfortunately one of them was kind of rotten, which meant that carving took a sudden gross turn. Normally I am the person in charge of gutting the pumpkins, and I normally save all the seeds for later roasting, but I was so disgusted by the rotting pumpkin flesh that we merely left all the seeds and goo inside. Well, they are frozen solid on our front step anyway, so what matter. Halloween is only a few days away!

They still look pretty cute though.

Do you notice anything strange about any of them? Anyone? First one to notice wins a prize. An eeeeevvvviiiillllll prize.


  1. Joanne Hutchinson says

    It appears that one of the pumpkins has it’s genitals exposed!!

  2. Carved on upside down did you? Because of the rot?

  3. Well, now you need a girl pumpkin, to go with that boy pumpkin.

    Sorry about the mean girls. They’re everywhere this week. Pay them no mind & know that you’re the sweetest thing since pumpkin pie.

  4. I think the third one from the left (my left, not theirs) is in fact a tomato in costume.

    It like we said, When it comes to volunteering – an opinion is earned, not a right.

  5. The one on the right ..looks like a dirty flasher forgot his rain coat and hat cover his wee wee and identity when he’s going incognito.. if that’s not right ..I guess I am officially a dirty old lady.. woohoo!

  6. Steph Lovelady says

    My jeans are from LL Bean, which I’m pretty sure would qualify as Mom jeans, but I would not complain about paying money to get into a fundraiser. Glad it went well otherwise. And tell that pumpkin to put on some pants already.

  7. Where the mom jeans her costume? Was she going as 1990s Mom? Maybe bitching was her superpower?!

    This reminds me: I need to carve our jack o lanterns. I hope they’re not rotten inside!!!!

  8. Tee hee! Pumpkin testes are FUNNY :). So good to hear the Halloween dance was a smash!

  9. Is that a penis or are you just happy to see that Viagra was invented?
    Who the hell complains about $3?

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