Vacation Nicole versus Regular Nicole

Vacation Nicole

1) Vacation Nicole drinks Palm Bay at 10:00 in the morning with her father-in-law. She has a second one at 11, followed by a few more later in the afternoon

2) Vacation Nicole goes down waterslides and gets her hair wet in the wave pool.

3) Vacation Nicole eats six giant Greek salads, made with fresh-from-the-garden vegetables, in seven days.

4) Vacation Nicole eats chips and salsa for lunch, along with stuffed green olives. Plus Palm Bay.

5) Vacation Nicole does not wear underwear but instead wears swimsuits and cover-ups all day long.

6) Vacation Nicole allows the children to go to 7-11 for Slurpees every single day.

7) Vacation Nicole stays up until 11:00 – ELEVEN O’CLOCK – watching The Sopranos.

Regular Nicole

1) Regular Nicole immediately unpacks all suitcases, washes all water bottles and snack containers, and starts on the mountain of laundry.

2) Regular Nicole cracks the whip on the children regarding nutritious food and sitting properly at the dinner table.

3) Regular Nicole wears proper clothes – including a sweater, since it’s damn cold here – along with regular underwear.

4) Regular Nicole will have a glass of wine and go to bed at 9:30, right after catching up on Breaking Bad before it premieres on Sunday.

5) Regular Nicole is making to-do lists and is thinking about buying snowsuits, snow boots, school shoes, pants, and sweaters for the sprouting children.

6) Regular Nicole missed all her readers and friends and is desperately hoping they will catch her up on what’s been going on since she’s been gone.

7) Regular Nicole has apparently forgotten how to write about herself in the first person. She will work on it, she promises.


  1. Welcome back, Regular Nicole! I prefer you for many reasons, one of them being that you wear underwear.

    • I feel I must clarify lest anyone think I’ve been walking around like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct – I was wearing a swimsuit! I swear! A swimsuit!

  2. Rachelradiostar says

    Welcome back Regular Nicole, I’m with Nan, on the underwear front!

  3. Welcome back Nicole!
    Vacation Nicole sounds like a little more fun!
    Underwear is overrrated.

  4. Hear! Hear! I agree with HappyGeek. 🙂 I’m still on vacation until September. Vacation Marilyn is busier than Regular Marilyn, I think. I’ll have to recuperate from the summer in September.

  5. Man, vacation Maggie is MUCH more enjoyable than regular Maggie. I can hardly wait to meet her again because regular Maggie is a total buzzkill.

  6. I enjoy vacationing with my lovely in-laws but I do often feel as though I need a cleanse or detox of some kind after they leave. Beer at 4 pm! Wine with dinner! More wine after dinner! Staying up until 11 to chat!

    Imagine if all we bloggy people went on vacation together! Then we might explode from the fun of it all.

  7. Love this post! Welcome back, Vacation Nicole (a few days late!) Vacation Alison is still not ready to become Regular Alison.

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