On a warm summer’s evening, on a train bound for nowhere.

I think I have writer’s block or something; today I sat down to write the preamble to a recipe and the only thing that came to my mind was the lyrics to The Gambler. As you may or may not know, I have an insane memory for song lyrics/ movie lines/ random trivia, but I have an especial knowledge of Kenny Rogers’ entire catalogue. I attribute this to my parents, who had many vinyl albums and listened to them during my childhood. The soundtrack to my childhood: The Coward of the County, Lucille, Islands in the Stream, She Believes in Me. THE GAMBLER.

I have a bit of writer’s block, so let’s talk random Friday things:

1) I have been re-watching old episodes of Mad Men, and I’m wondering if I would look awesome or terrible with a Betty Draper haircut. I’m thinking terrible. At the very least, I wouldn’t be able to put it up, which would drive me crazy. And I feel like I would need to have a once-a-week set, like so many old ladies. Still, it’s a cute look.

2) Speaking of Mad Men, I think the styles of 1966 were pretty fantastic: post-giant crinolines, pre-shapeless hippie skirts. Also, go-go boots. How hot are go-go boots? I want to wear go-go boots and cute A-line mini dresses every single day.

3) The kids and I are reading James and the Giant Peach, and man, is that some funky shit. Who thinks of these things? Who imagines enormous insects inside an enormous peach that ends up impaled by the Empire State Building?  Not me, evidently. I think of Kenny Rogers songs while writing about bean burgers.

4) I miss reading the Little House books. I read – on my own, not to the kids – The Wilder Life, and I felt a strong connection to the author. I also felt a strong urge to wear a bonnet and calico dress and also go buggy riding on a date.

5) There has been a red 1970s muscle car parked outside my house every day this week, and I am dying to see who the owner is. I see it parked there in the morning; by evening it’s gone. Who is driving it? I imagine a moustachioed, hirsute man with many gold chains. I’m going to be very disappointed if it’s just some guy in Dockers and a golf shirt. At the very least I’m hoping for a cabana style or Hawaiian shirt.


  1. I have that same insane memory for song lyrics etc and GOD NICOLE, the things I could do if I could use that memory space for something useful!

    You were MADE for A-line dresses and Go-Go boots. The strange thing is, I think I might have been too. Is it possible that A-line dresses and go-go boots for everyone would be the great equalizer? We might be onto something.

    Eve did her speech on Roald Dahl this year, after reading everything she could find by him. I adore him as a childrens book writer, but yeah, he was totally bonkers.

  2. Entertainment Weekly just put out an issue with a bunch of top-10 lists, and Islands in the Stream was their top duet of all time. REALLY, EW? REALLY? I look forward to your expert opinion on this.

    I’ve had The Wilder Life on my reading list for ages. I should just get it and then we can both make matching bonnets and swap pie recipes. Good times, good times.

    And do let us know who is driving the muscle car! Fingers crossed for you that it’s Magnum, P.I.

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