Super Quick Friday Randoms

1) I’m going on a girl’s night away tonight, and I seem to be experiencing equal parts excitement and guilt over leaving.  I texted my husband “I miss you” and he replied “Already. It’s just a regular day.”  Yes, it was ten in the morning and yes, normally it would be eight hours until I would actually see him anyway but STILL.

2) The amount of beauty products I pack for one night away is the same amount I would pack for two weeks away, which means I have a very large sunk cost when it comes to travel, suitcase-space-wise. 

3) I have an inability to “pack light”.  This is what my suitcase looks like:

4) This does not include the large bag of muffins, cookies, and wine that I’m taking in my bid to FEED EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.  Honestly, it’s like a sickness with me.  I think I caught it from my mother.  Eat, eat.  HAVE ANOTHER ONE.

5) Completely off-topic, my friend Maggie said she noticed that H&M is selling acid wash jean shorts now, and I feel despair for all of today’s youth.

6) I showed my kids this morning what it means to peg your jeans, and how that’s how we all wore our jeans back in the eighties.  Mark asked “Why did you have to do that?  Who made you?” which is a very excellent question.

7) My friend Jani wrote a book!  It’s very good!  You can buy it here or here.  I read it yesterday while waiting for the kids at karate.  There was a dad waiting there as well, and he fell asleep on one of the couches, snoring loudly.  I questioned if I should wake him up at class end, but luckily his phone rang, doing the trick.  His ringtone, and I am not making this up, was a Chewbacca roar.  Or whatever sound it is that Chewbacca makes. 

8) On that note, I’m off!  To see a display of Princess Diana’s dresses!  And drink wine and eat cookies and muffins!  Have a great weekend, everyone. xoxo


  1. You are a packer after my own heart – no matter how short the trip, I can always find something else to shove in my suitcase!

  2. And yet another good reason for us not to drive to Blissdom together or room together – our suitcases would crowd us out of the room. Can you be sure and bring me a beet-flavoured muffin or something?

    And as an internet user, I am indeed touched – that Anonymous is a smart cookie. Now stop touching me.

  3. Did you have a good time?

  4. I cannot pack light for the life of me.

  5. Cookies and muffins?
    Now that is what I call packing.
    My suitcase looks like that too. That’s why we had to buy a truck to lug all of it.
    OOOoops…you never know what the weather is going to be like right?
    Princess Diana dresses…did you try some on?

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