Nine Feels Fine

Mark was born on our second wedding anniversary, after a pre-eclampsia diagnosis, a three week bedrest, minor panic, and a startlingly short labour.  I learned that not everything always goes as planned.

He was a seriously cute baby with super spiky hair.  I learned how to eat and cook one-handed.
He was a cheery and happy baby.  I learned the words to Goodnight Moon, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, and Mr Brown Can Moo off by heart.

A few short months after this picture was taken, he became a big brother.  I learned that having one baby was actually pretty easy.

By age two, he knew the makes and models of all vehicles in our neighbourhood.  I learned the difference between a Ford F150 and a Chevy Silverado.
At age three, he loved everything with wheels.  I learned everything I needed to know about heavy machinery.

At age four he loved dinosaurs.  I learned all about even the most obscure dinosaurs, including the periods they lived in.

At age five, he lost teeth, discovered a love of science experiments, and learned to read.  I learned that when your child starts school, it’s not necessary to be on every single committee, even when you are asked to be.

By age six, he decided he wanted to be a businessman when he grew up.  I learned how to be a soccer mom and to always keep a sleeping bag in the car.
At seven, he started swimming for real.  I learned that being the mom of school aged kids was pretty awesome.
At eight, he loved video games and books, animals and golfing, sand and sun and snow alike.  I learned about Geronimo Stilton, Pokemon, and Phineas and Ferb.

Today, at age nine, he is smart and silly, the classroom peacemaker who also loves karate and battles.  He’s a great brother, an awesome kid, and I’m proud of him every day.  Because of him, I learned how to be a mom.


  1. All of this…just made me sob…so beautiful…they sure do teach us a lot of things but mostly how to be a mom…love love.
    Happy birthday you spikey haired kid.

  2. Happy birthday, handsome boy!

  3. Dana Blonde says

    Awww Happy Birthday Mark. What a sweetie pie.

  4. Hairline Fracture says

    I love this post…sometimes I think they teach us more than we teach them!

    Happy birthday to your boy! Nine is a great age.

  5. Miss Elise says

    Truly beautiful Nicole.

  6. Oh, Nicole. How wonderful. Happy birthday Mark!

  7. This is so sweet.

    Happy birthday, Mark!

    ” to always keep a sleeping bag in the car.” — whaaaaaat?!

    • Because the soccer field is always freezing cold and windy…I would wrap myself in a sleeping bag so as not to get hypothermia.

    • I know I need to stop gassing on about the coat I got for Christmas, but it’s basically a sleeping bag with arms and it has made the difference between my hating and resenting virtually every moment of Winter and Spring soccer and being relatively pleasant during same. Since it’s much colder where you are, I wish you could layer two sleeping bag coats on top of each other for the same effect 😉 The coat was stupidly expensive but I’d pay every penny of it again. Friggin’ outdoor Winter and Spring sports….

    • I’m going to give my kid a hug and thank them for not signing up for soccer. Brrrrrrr.

  8. Aw, so awesome and such a cutie Mark is! Happy birthday dude!

  9. Happy Birthday Mark!! He’s very handsome.

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