Back to life, back to reality.

The house is SO QUIET.  I had gotten used to a certain level of excited chatter all day long and now the kids are back at school and my husband is back at work, and it’s just me, with not even the dog for company as he is at the groomer’s.  Back to reality, I guess.  As the very flamboyant man who sold me a pair of sunglasses in Maui said, “Being in paradise doesn’t pay the bills!”  Truth.  I had also gotten used to being warm.  What is this thing called a sweater?  Jake stood at the top of the stairs for two solid minutes this morning, unmoving, until I reminded him that he needed to put on his coat and boots before we left the house.  Coat and…boots?

I’m kind of tired this morning because I actually watched the Oscars last night.  I stayed up past 10:00, which is like 2:00 in the morning for normal people.  I recorded the show so I could watch it in the same manner my husband watches the Superbowl – starting late and then fast forwarding the parts I don’t like, such as the speeches, the commercials, and the honorary awards.  Basically I just watch it to see the presenters and what people are wearing and to get glimpses of Hugh Jackman being his usual awesome self.  Doesn’t he just seem like a great guy?  Who else would run over to help someone who had tripped up the stairs?  Who else would excitedly applaud when the other guy won?  Who else looks like this?

RAWR.  Or this:

The lady will have two tickets to the gun show, please.

Speaking of attractive men, if it wasn’t bad enough that the Oscars ran overtime and foiled my plans for an early bedtime, I ended up having a minor after hours debate with my husband.  The topic? Resolved: Bradley Cooper is attractive.

Me: I just don’t think he’s very good-looking.

Husband: If you polled one hundred women, ninety-eight would agree with me. 

Me: I don’t see it.

Husband: You’re wrong.

Me: It’s not like he’s George Clooney.  THAT is an attractive man.  He even looks good in a beard!

Husband:  It’s GEORGE CLOONEY.  One hundred percent of women think he’s attractive.  You can’t compare them.

Me:  Bradley Cooper’s hair is weird.

Intellectual late-night conversations are where it’s at in my house.  And by late-night, I mean 10:05.  It’s probably good that my husband is back to work and I will only see him for a couple of hours a day at best, given where our conversations go when we’ve actually spent time together.  What’s next, a disagreement about Halle Berry’s shoulder pads?

My neighbour picked up my mail for me while I was gone, and so I was very excited to see the eclectic collection of magazines and catalogues that had amassed.  Canadian Living and Golf Digest, together at last in traditionally-defined gender roles, magazine style.  The anthropologie catalogue together with the Sears Fun in the Sun edition.  Hoo boy.  So many floral dresses and horse sweaters, but at massively different price points.  Spoiler alert: post forthcoming. 

In any event, it’s shaping up to be a busy week what with me running the school book fair – yes, again – karate makeup classes – I sure do hope that woman is there again, can’t wait to hear what she posted to Facebook this week – and the usual day-to-day activities.  What have you been up to, dear readers?  Anyone watch the Oscars?


  1. This year’s Oscars is the first that I’ve missed in decades…and it turns out I’m okay with that. I used to host Oscar parties and now I’m okay with missing the show entirely! What’s wrong with me??

    Anyway, I agree with your husband. I think Bradley Cooper is attractive. The only Oscar movie that I did see (besides animated shows and Argo which I watched on the plane so I’m not sure that counts) was Silver Linings Playbook. And I was happy to gaze upon Bradley. Though I think I’d have to call him Brad if things every got hot and heavy (which they totally could!! in my dreams) because Bradley is just not a hot guy’s name.

    • Totally with you on the Brad versus Bradley. I haven’t seen any of the movies. In fact, while watching clips last night, my husband sighed and asked “When we actually see Les Mis, are you going to sing all the way through it?” I don’t know, MAYBE.

  2. I’m apparently the other woman in a hundred who is “meh” about Bradley Cooper. I like a lantern jaw on a man. (Clooney, I’m looking at you. And looking … ::sigh::.) HOWEVER. I must admit that somehow BC was very, very hot in Kitchen Confidential. I’ll give him a second glance every time just to see if *that* Bradley Cooper showed up to play.

  3. I’m with you – Bradley Cooper is just a little ferrety and looks untrustworthy to me. But I also don’t think George Clooney looked good with that beard. Cooper was really good in Silver Linings Playbook, though – actual acting! I’m mostly tired from recovering from the flu that felt like it was actually going to kill me.

  4. I am with you on B Cooper..meh..Clooney? ohh yes..silver fox! I stayed up to..first time in years its was strangely addictive watching so many show tunes..the jokes were meh at times..I hear I missed something boob related in the first 15mins that was apparently really offensive..”eyes rolling here”..but I stayed up till the end and even watched E channels after the Oscars run down..I love Fashion Police>>Joan Rivers is hilariously outright Loll…
    and what was up with Hally Berry’s star trek 80s shoulder pad dress? she looked like Mrs. Roboto lol Arigato lolll

  5. 25 year old me thinks Bradley Cooper is HAWT. 35 year old me (well, almost) thinks he is symmetrical, but not swoon-worthy.

    Hugh Jackman is the nicest man in Hollywood. Everyone says so. Add to that his stunning sexiness and he is top of my list every time.

  6. Wasn’t it Beck who compared Bradley Cooper to a golden retriever? I think of that every time I see him now.

  7. Bradley Cooper is not exactly my type, but I still recognize him as a good-looking man. He’s not on The List, but it’s not like I would say no if he asked me out for coffee or anything.

    We have been having a similar debate around here regarding Benedict Cumberbatch. The internets are all abuzz about this guy, but I personally find him not just average – I find him actively unattractive. I really just do not see it. I will have to ask Nan about it.

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  9. Well I did up until Anne Hathaway stabbed my eyes with her nipples.
    I’m not a Hugh Jackman fan because he is very hairy. I wouldn’t want to be his wife cleaning the drains. Although he is rich and he could afford a person to take care of that problem.
    How long do you think it takes him to shave?

  10. If I ever see Hugh Jackman in real life, I’m totally going to fake fall in front of him. I have no shame. Only libido.

  11. You can’t have Hugh Jackman. He’s miiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

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  13. Hugh Jackson is attractive and multitalented. I also love how he loves his wife. He’s always praising her.

  14. I did not watch the Oscars and haven’t seen a movie in forty five years. Clooney all the way, though. Clooney. I don’t like stubblish men because when I imagine kissing them it HURTS MY FACE and I hate face hurt. I do not and have never liked stubble burn. Maybe my fantasies are too realistic? No matter.

    Also that first picture looks like McDreamy. Whatever the hell his name was. Too smirky. Ditto the B.Coop, who is smirking with his pointy little chin. Nope.

    So many book fairs, Nicole. I am in awe.

  15. Miss Elise says

    But….if I had to choose…although George Clooney reminds me a little of old Hollywood, you know he’s kinda Carey Grantish (love Carey Grant, love how he spoke), ….if we’re going on pure looks here I think Bradley Cooper is my man, with Hugh Jackman (not as Wolverine) a close second.

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