Pajama Jeans, Moose Mugs, and Strange Viruses

Probably because I had So Much To Do and Remember with regards to Christmas, various school spirit days, the casino fundraiser, and other random things happening this week, I got terribly sick on Sunday.  That will teach me!  I had a strange virus that presented as severe abdominal pain and a fever, and also narcolepsy.  I was awake for perhaps four hours total on Sunday, and those “awake” hours had me lying on the couch, dozing, or crying.  My sole accomplishment was showering and putting on fresh pajamas.  Yesterday, with my husband going to work and me becoming, as usual, the Sole Responsible Adult in the house, I woke up with the hopes of just being able to do the bare minimum, i.e., making sure the kids got to school and back, and making sure they had food. 

It turns out when you set the bar really, really low, you will be amazed at even the minutest accomplishments.  I was so impressed with myself for showering and putting on what Lululemon euphemistically calls “Dance Pants”, but what are actually sweatpants, rather than pajamas that I felt like maybe I could conquor the world.  Sweatpants, or dance pants, are a step up from pajamas, even if they don’t feel any different.  I combined the sweatpants with fuzzy slippers, a long sleeved thermal t-shirt, and an enormous sweater my mother-in-law knitted for me twelve years ago.  What I lacked in style and attractiveness I gained in coziness.  Fueled by my immense accomplishment of showering and dressing, I further roused myself to do a load of laundry, and on investigation of the freezer and its lack of frozen meals, I even made my super-simple pasta sauce.  I’M KING OF THE WORLD!  Then I lay down on the couch to rest, and here’s a question: have you ever tried to watch television during the day?  It’s terrible.  I hoped for at least an episode of The Price Is Right, but no such luck.  No Plinko for me.  Thanks to my husband, who is a sports fan and so Needs Access To Many Different Stations, we have a couple hundred channels, all of which are completely useless to me.  I ended up watching an episode of MASH and falling asleep.  That BJ Honeycutt sure is dreamy.

Today I feel almost totally normal.  I even donned jeans today, albeit my oldest, softest, most broken in pair of boot cuts.  A huge step up from “dance pants”.  On days like today, I kind of wished I had Pajama Jeans, though.  Have you seen the advertisements for Pajama Jeans?  About a month ago, my husband was out of town and I was on the couch, alone with my wine.  I saw this commercial for Pajama Jeans and I became somewhat fascinated with the concept.  Jeans…that feel like pajamas!  Actually, I think they already have those: they are called maternity jeans.  I had a pair of maternity jeans that saw me through massive weight fluctuations, and that I continued to wear for a few months post partum.  They were below-the-belly style, with a giant elastic waistband, and I loved them dearly.  Here I am wearing them, and let’s just keep in mind that this is a full three months before I was actually due with Mark:


Three months!  I actually wore those jeans to the hospital three months later:

Not only did they last me through that pregnancy, but I wore them while pregnant and postpartum with Jake as well:

Those were some amazing jeans.  It makes me think that the Pajama Jean concept is just a rip-off of maternity jeans because hoo boy, those babies were comfortable. 
Anyway.  I’m feeling much better, at this rate maybe I’ll even step up to skinny jeans tomorrow.  On the bright side, it’s not the worst thing in the world to lose a few pounds before Christmas, right?  One week to go before I gorge on my mom’s chocolate Yule log.  Heh.  Yule log.  That reminds me of Christmas Vacation: “I don’t have a log.”  Which brings me to this brilliant website, featuring MOOSE MUGS:
I would buy an entire set of these for my sister-in-law if they weren’t so expensive.  $151 for a set of eight, plus shipping?  Robbery!  The thought is there, though, and that’s what counts, right? 


  1. You were so cute when you were pregnant. 🙂

    Those mugs are worth every penny of that $151 + shipping. Every. Penny.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Those Moose Mugs are cute, but look like a complete bitch to clean. They look like they’d have to be hand washed and that thought alone makes me weepy.

    There’s a norovirus going around (and around and around) in our town. Which means I am full of dread when I think of the bowling party we’re going to tomorrow. Sickness AHOY! Please send me good karma, bleach and pajama jeans.

  3. If it weren’t so darn lame..I would seriously consider ordering Pajama jeans…just to avoid the general discomfort I feel as I get older every time I have to sit down while wearing jeans and they pull on my stomach and give me muffin leggings..there was a great invention loll

  4. I’m glad you are feeling better.

    I saw those pajama jeans in the store and wanted to get them as a gift for my friend. But I wasn’t sure if she’d be like WTF?

  5. You and I would’ve been quite the pair if we had seen each other pregnant in person….my profile was just like yours and my face so round! A girl at the swimming pool asked if I was having twins….glad it’s skinny jeans for you tomorrow! I think I’ll dig out my black yoga pants!

  6. DANCE PANTS! I’m going to start calling my sweatpants dance pants. It sounds a lot fancier.

  7. Pajamas are good to lounge around in, whether sick or home alone, or just to be comfortable. Dance pants sounds like you have a creative mind. Thanks for sharing your story.

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