Domination by cookie baking

The Boyhouse is vibrating with excitement today.  It’s the Halloween Family Dance and I am just going to say that I feel badly for the teachers today.  They are going to be dealing with some bouncy kids.  Also, my own kids snuck cookies before school this morning, so they may be riding the sugar train.

I spent a large portion of the day yesterday making these cookies for the bake sale.  In my world, first you make the cookies, then you get the power.  WORLD DOMINATION VIA THE HALLOWEEN DANCE BAKE SALE.  That’s my motto.

Mark informed his classmates that his mother was bringing the best cookies ever to the bake sale, and so I had to comply.  What else to do?  Can’t disappoint a class full of third graders.  He also told me that he is planning to bring some allowance to the dance; he wants to buy one of my friend’s cupcakes (that feature gummy candy!) and also he wants to buy one of my ghost cookies.  Puzzled, I told him that he didn’t have to buy one; I made extras for us to have at home.  He feels, however, that an example needs to be set.  A cookie buying example, I guess.

I am going to be starting to do book reviews on this blog, which I thought would be very fun.  However, the first book that I am going to review is a Chicken Soup for the Soul book about, of all things, hockey.  Why I agreed to review this book is honestly beyond me.  I mean, I’ve never in my life read one of those Chicken Soup books, not to mention I don’t even like hockey.  However.  Look for a review of this book soon.  As soon as I finish slogging through it.  Hockey.  What was I thinking?

In other news, a friend sent me a bunch of old advertisements from years gone by, and they are truly amusing.  Some of them are the “Doctors Who Smoke Prefer Camels!” type of advertising, which makes me think of Mad Men, and makes me long for the days before I had watched all the episodes, when I still had something television-wise to look forward to.  This advertisement really made me laugh:

Oh, hahaha double entrendre!  I think that’s pretty bad advice, actually.  Attention menfolk: most women would NOT be at all thrilled if you blew in their faces, smoke or otherwise.  Gross!  Two things about this advertisement: I wish I had that woman’s eyelashes (do you think they are fake?  They must be), and the guy looks disturbingly like my younger brother.  I mean, the resemblance is uncanny.  Except my brother often has a giant pornstache or beard or porkchop-like sideburns, but if he was clean shaven he would look JUST LIKE THIS GUY.  Which is weird on just so many levels, I can’t even.

Anyway!  Time to sign off, dear readers, I have much to do before the big event tonight.  For one thing, I FINALLY have a hair appointment, so I can kiss my inch-and-a-half grey roots goodbye.  Also, I need to prepare for an early dinner, fold a pile of laundry, and drop off the cookies at the school or my world/bake sale domination plan will be ruined.  Pictures of everyone’s costume – including my own non-slutty one – to follow.  Stay tuned! xoxo


  1. I am so impressed with your cookies, I was actually contemplating making some for 7yo’s class party next week – but then he told me no, he’d promised the teacher blueberry-banana muffins. Which fine, but not very spooky. Boo-berry? Maybe? I dunno.

    Our Family Halloween Dance is tonight and one of my clients is taking 7yo with *her* family so I can stay home, wrapped in my new scarves (both of them) eating chocolate while I soak my feet. xoxo

  2. Your cookies look superb. As does that woman’s mink eyelashes.

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