Well, dammit.  I guess I’m never watching Grey’s Anatomy again. 

You know, I ALMOST stopped watching after Meredith’s near-death experience, and I ALMOST stopped watching when Denny had a recurring post-death role, and I ALMOST stopped watching when there was a hospital shooting – the swat team was right there, how did they not take down the shooter – and I ALMOST stopped watching when Christina went all nuts and she and Owen had a big fight about the pregnancy.  But through it all I kept watching because of Dr. Sloan and his pure unadulterated hubba-hubba-ness, and also with the hopes that he and Lexie would get it on again.  And now I have no reason to watch it, although, knowing Grey’s, he and Lexie might be getting it on beyond the grave which is frankly, just terrifying and creepy.

In other words, I have no reason to watch this show anymore and I am going to be freed up to do something productive on Thursday nights.

Kidding.  I totally won’t do anything productive on Thursday nights.  I probably will just take that opportunity to watch the Marky Mark video a few extra times, or maybe just go to bed at 8:30.  Or maybe watch that Marky Mark video and then go to bed, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy (grrrr) the other night Can’t Buy Me Love was on TV!  I made my husband watch a few minutes of it, and he couldn’t believe that was Patrick Dempsey!  I remember seeing Grey’s for the first time and thinking “Wow, that geeky guy from Can’t Buy Me Love turned out to be pretty hot.”  Because I have actually seen Can’t Buy Me Love multiple times.  Anyone else watch that movie and then learn to French braid their hair and become inspired to wear bomber jackets and tight jeans?  Or was that just me?

I got a phone call the other day from my hair salon telling me that my hair therapist got called into court, blah blah blah, my hair appointment got pushed back two weeks.  TWO WEEKS.  This is what is known as an epic princess tragedy in the Boyhouse.  Epic.  We are planning to do our family photos next weekend and I don’t want a year of looking at myself with an inch of grey roots, complemented by faded, orange hair.  I know, it sounds sexy, but believe me, it’s less flattering in person.  In any event, I headed out to Superstore to purchase home hair colour, among other things, and I had one of those moments wherein I marvel at the contents of my giant cart and what it says about my life.  I mean, it’s a strange still-life: hair colour and Rimmel Volume Accelerator beside whole milk and Nesquick Strawberry AND Chocolate syrups.  Coconut water and Daiya cheese next to pepperoni sticks.  Huge clamshell of organic spinach next to gigantic jar of peanut butter.  In other news, has anyone noticed the price of peanut butter lately?  Apparently there is a peanut shortage.  Peanut butter…is expensive…what alternate universe are we living in? 

Because it’s Friday, and nothing is funnier than unintentionally crude humour, here is what Jake borrowed from the school library yesterday:

“Welcome to the World of Beavers.”  And so the beaver saga continues.  Jake was reading in bed last night, and I asked him about his book so I could ascertain his reading comprehension.  “Did you know that beavers come in different colours?” he asked.  “They are usually brown, but sometimes black, and sometimes yellow!  Yellow, Mom!  Don’t you think it would be neat to see a yellow beaver?”  They’re called blondes, my dear.  And maybe in a few years.


  1. Am dying over here at the unintentional humor. Bedtime conversations like that test my ability not to laugh in the face of extreme humor. If it wasn’t so long, I’d relate the story of my 3 YO’s use of the term bootie call combined with my 9 YOs misunderstanding of the term causing my husband and I to nearly die at the dinner table one evening.

    I worked in a movie theater when Can’t Buy Me Love came out. The pay was horrendous, but we got to see all the movies for free, so I’ve seen that movie FAR more times than is even remotely reasonable.

    • Oooh, I want to hear that story! I actually had to leave the room at the yellow beaver comment. The best was when Mark was – along with beavers – really into cougars. That was awesome.

  2. In all that, what I’m seizing on is the price of peanut butter, because OMG. It’s $3 or more for the small jar now, and it seems like the so-called peanut shortage has gone on for MORE THAN A YEAR ISN’T THERE A NEW CROP YET?? I suspect peanut butter manufacturers grabbed the excuse to raise prices permanently.

  3. I didn’t even know Grey’s Anatomy was still on the air. Nonetheless, I’m sorry that McBeardy died.

    If your hair dye doesn’t work out you could always try a hat. Maybe one made out of beaver pelts? C’mon. You know you are tempted.

  4. Peanut butter *is* expensive – I thought it was just me! And that maybe I was remembering it wrong, or something.

    I need hair dye, too. Thanks for reminding me.

    Beavers. Heh. Because I’m a 12 year old boy.

  5. My stupid kids don’t like peanut butter even though they’re not allergic to it. Yay, I guess. I will probably keep watching Grey’s Anatomy because because I’m HELPLESS to resist hour-long medical dramas no matter how lame they get – season three of Hawthorne? jesus living christ. I can’t think of any beaver jokes, but I was just out for Thai food with friends and there were spicy beef balls on the menu.

  6. We another beaver living out back in our slough. S/he has built yet another dam. You should invite Jake to come out here and check out our beaver…Also, since most people wax/shave/laser will the next generation even know them as beavers? I think the term beaver might be gone the way of the thong (shoe)

  7. Wow I cant believe they killed him off! I stopped watching years ago because it was annoying but with out him that show would stink!

  8. OMG the hair scare. Hair dressers have no idea how much they mean to us. They should never be able to get pregnant or go on vacation. Never.
    I haven’t watched Grey’s in forever and I confess that I had no idea that it was still even on. I’ve moved onto bigger and better shows like Dance Moms.

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