I’m not dumb but I can’t understand how he lifts me in the air just by raising his hand

It has CONTINUED to be summer around here, which is leading me to wonder where I am and to also SEIZE THE DAY, so there has been lots of swimming and outdoor activity around the Boyhouse.  There has also been lots of discussions about Star Wars. 

My kids talk about Star Wars all the time.  In the mornings, they play Star Wars Wii, and then the rest of the day, no matter what we are doing, they talk about Star Wars Wii.  They talk about the Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars and they spew out facts to me in a very intense way.  Jake spent his allowance on books about the Clone Wars and now they quiz me about bounty hunters and padawans and other things that I cannot remember because I have no more room in my brain.  Children, my brain is already filled with every song lyric ever written, I cannot make room for Star Wars.  Also I appear to have a mental block about it, to their frustration.  Mom, that’s Count DOOKU.  He’s bad.  No, that guy is a Jedi!  Jedis are GOOD.

They like to watch YouTube videos about Star Wars and then act them out while watching them, which is both cute – especially when Jake is Anakin turning into Darth Vader, the intensity with which he does this – and also a bit alarming.  I mean, isn’t there a whole subculture involving live action role playing?  I sure hope my kids don’t turn out like these guys.  But, I guess if they did, I wouldn’t have to worry about becoming a grandma prematurely, if you know what I mean.  Silver linings everywhere, people.

On Thursday we were stuck at home, waiting for the shower door people to install our shower doors.  Have you noticed I haven’t been talking about our renovations for a while?  That’s because they completely stalled two weeks ago.  The contractor kept teasing me with shower door installation dates.  I cancelled dinner guests, I waited at home, I cleared my schedule, only to find out that the doors were not yet ready, and they would be installed another day.  I kept looking at the bathroom, so close to being finished and yet so far.  But on Thursday, they were certainly going to be installed, I was assured.  And so while we were waiting I dressed the children’s stuffies in their own clothing – hilarity ensued – and watched fan videos of Weird Al’s Yoda on YouTube. 

Sometimes I look at my daily activities and feel a deep sense of whatever the opposite of accomplishment is.  As an aside, this video is deemed to be the best version, by both me and the boys. 

The shower door installation people did show up, but I sensed something was wrong when I heard a lot of arguing in a language I did not understand, plus a number of panicked sounding phone calls.  Any time I walked past the bathroom, the installers would fall completely silent and stare at me.  It was quite unnerving.  Finally one of them handed me his cell phone, and the man on the other end explained that the shower doors were cut incorrectly and so they would be reinstalled next week.

Sigh.  The Dark Side is looking pretty good right now. 


  1. Clearly our children need a playdate.

  2. BusyMomofTwins says

    So, this is what I have to look forward to? Is Star Wars the next step after trains and diggers? I had no idea that I could talk about trucks, trains, diggers and tractors for so many days at a time. It is really remarkable that as mom’s we become a part of their current passion.
    Good luck with the shower doors. I am praying each night while I am away that my floor is moving along. I have nightmares of returning home to a house torn apart with no flooring!

  3. Dumb Mom says

    As a fellow Dude Mom I live a similarly Star Wars filled life. After 10 years at it, I’m pretty much entirely on the dark side!

  4. Learn the trivia you will. Do, or do not: there is no try. Etc.

    The all Star Wars, all the time thing has quieted down a little bit here of late. H. has moved on to Lord of the Rings (not my idea, his father’s, and just in time for a whole bunch of Lego sets, thanks very much) and R. is returning to Lightning McQueen for some reason.


  5. My son went through a phase where he loved Star Wars. He still has a lot of the toys.

    Natalie thinks Yoda is cute.

  6. *Found you courtesy of YMC*

    I’m the Mom of boys – our oldest is 6! I’m calling him over to check out this video NOW. In about 5 minutes I will be coolest-Mom-ever. Thank you!

  7. My boy child says “Star Whores” which is hilarious.
    He has all of my younger brother’s old “Star Whores” figures.
    Ah kids these days.
    And the shower door? Not cool.

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