I think I’m a Winter

I’m starting to talk like our contractors.  My husband asked me, casually, what the tile guys were going to do with the cement shower base and cinderblock bench.  “They’re gonna beef it up real good” was what I actually told him.  Because I now know ALL when it comes to pouring the cement for a shower base.  Also, if ever I am in a tiling situation where I am instructing someone, I know that the proper way to ask someone to affix a tile onto a surface is to say “Butter it up, slap that fucker on.  COME ON!  Shim it up a bit!  Fuck!  Let’s go!”

I was just out driving in an electrical storm, which is always a bit freaky, although they say a car is the safest place to be.  I don’t know, I think I prefer to be in the comfort of my own home, but maybe that’s just the irrational, “hail is pelting my windshield and it’s scaring me” part of my brain talking.  Speaking of irrational, when I went to pick the boys up for lunch, Mark came out with no jacket.  In the rain.  When asked about it, he said he didn’t think he needed it.  By the time I had to take them back to the school, the rain had upgraded from “raining a little” to “torrential downpour plus hail” and yet Mark still refused a jacket.  To be honest, I was just as glad because sending a child to school with two jackets is a recipe for one of those jackets to be destined for the lost and found.  “Run fast!” I told him as I dropped him off, hoping he wouldn’t be totally soaked for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day, and this is noteworthy since it was a Tuesday, and, therefore, a soccer practice.  A warm day for soccer?  It’s bringing up the average temperature!  Meteorologists across the city were probably rubbing their lying hands with glee.  In any case, I was just as happy to be sitting in the sun.  Or, as it turned out, playing soccer in the sun.

The coach approached me a couple of days ago to ask me to help out on the field at last night’s practice.  He specifically requested that I, maybe, could wear sneakers?  We both looked at my feet when he said that.  I was wearing three inch wedges – in the playground, ridiculously enough.  What is wrong with me?  Anyway, I told him I most certainly would help on the field, and I did not mention the fact that despite owning many, many pairs of black shoes, I do not own a single pair of sneakers.  What?  I’m not a runner, nor do I ever frequent the gym, so…I pulled out my one pair of sensible shoes – Mary Jane-style Skechers that I wear when I work in the garden.  They worked for the purpose, anyway, although the “parents versus kids” game that I was supposedly participating in morphed into an “older siblings who want to annihilate their younger siblings versus kids” game, which, quite frankly, sucked.  I don’t usually complain about other mothers, and I try not to judge, but there is one mom on the team who brings her ten year old son to watch the practices and games, and whom she very obviously favours over her younger son (who is on the team).  I’m not a big FAN of favouritism, like most of us, but when she happily sat by as her older son effectively kept the ball away from the younger players, WHOSE PRACTICE IT WAS, well, Judgy McJudgerton.  Yes, your ten year old son is awesome compared to the U8 team.  Praise Jesus.

I am not – obviously – a fashion blogger, nor do I read any fashion blogs, but I do love when people write about clothing, shoes, bags, etc.  So I was kind of excited to read Swistle’s post about all her clothing essentially being the same three colours.  I was excited because my wardrobe is, as you may or may not know, almost exclusively black or grey.  It’s not just me, lots of people have a predominant colour palette in their wardrobe!  Remember how everyone used to get their colours “done” and would only wear colours in their “season”?  It occurs to me that maybe we are all subconsciously doing just that, without actually getting our colours “done”. 

The book is a little misleading though.  THIRTY special colours? 

Not to be an idiot, but I would have to think very hard to come up with thirty colours, unless I lamely did something like light blue, medium blue, dark blue, etc.  I most assuredly do not have thirty colours of anything in my wardrobe. 

So tell me, what’s in your wardrobe?  Do you find you buy your clothes in similar colours, or are you a veritable Rainbow Brite?



  1. I don’t know what “getting your colors done” means. Is there chanting?

    I will wear almost any color, even tried working a bright yellow springy skirt into my spring/summer wardrobe. But my issue is that I will someday (I mean if anyone ever nominates me. Hint.) end up on What Not to Wear for my flagrant abuse of the Old Navy tank top.

    But they come in lots of colors!

    Last time we had a parents v kids soccer game, a mom knocked out a kids’ front tooth. A permanent tooth. People get oddly aggressive against a group of 8 year olds.

  2. Oh, I TOTALLY had my colors done, as did my mom. Furthermore, my mom had HER colors done, and she ORDERED THE LITTLE PAINT-CHIP FLIP-BOOK OF HER COLORS. Yes she did. For years she wouldn’t buy an item of clothing unless it was In The Book. (She is a winter. I am a summer. Allegedly.)

  3. Um… I’m an Autumn. I had my colors done. heh

  4. I haven’t had my colors done but would have to be blind to think I looked anything but sick in yellow, yellow tones or oranges. I wear mainly blues greens and neutrals.

    Man I cannot stand parents who let their older kids run roughshod over kids soccer. My son is much older than my daughter and I have no intention of letting him do that. Frankly I hope he will know better without being told.

  5. I just read a book by Clinton Kelly (from What Not To Wear) and he called the seasonal colour trend “hooey.” FOR REAL. This made me very sad because I remember when this was all the rage in the early 80s. Good times.

  6. But isn’t there a rule that it’s okay to judge when the person is a TOTAL FLAGRANT DOUCHEBAG?

    I wear almost all the colours. Except yellow. Which reminds me of a funny story where my sister said a bridesmaid’s dress made her look jaundiced and her friend said ‘yeah, that was like me at Hazel’s wedding. Of course, I did have jaundice at the time.’ Well I thought it was funny.

  7. I am a “winter”. For what it is worth.
    I love lots of colors, but have no clue how to put them together. My wardrobe is basically a collection of design mistakes as I only shop the deeply discounted Clearance racks. And then beg for fashion advice on twitter. So maybe lots of colours isn’t the way to go.

  8. My Mom had her colours done, and she was a Winter. I remember wishing so badly that I was old enough to have mine done as well. Ha!

    I like a pop of colour, along with my black and dark blue basics. And I adore a red purse.

    I colour code my closet. Does anyone else do this? Everything is hung up according to colour. I have one friend who then organizes her colours in the order of the rainbow. But I’m not devoted (crazy?) enough to do that. 🙂

  9. I’m a rainbow kind of girl. Mostly I stick to the jewel tones – rich purples, ruby reads, emerald greens, sapphire blue. But I also have a lot – a LOT – of bright pink, fushia, a splash of orange and turquoise, and even some grassy greens. I’m a colour slut, apparently.

    I don’t think I own a single item that is black, white, or grey. Even my underwear is brightly coloured. OMG, am I a fashion horror?

  10. I am working on branching out the colors in my closet but I can tell you I have more white, grey, and black than anything else.

  11. I’m impressed you can wear wedges. I mainly stick to flip flops in the summer, otherwise I fall over.

  12. BusyMomofTwins says

    There is a lot of black in my wardrobe because it is flattering and you can also add brightly coloured scarves to add a pop of colour. But, I would say that I have a wide range of colours. I love blues, and corals, and fushia, and lime green. I think that it is nice to be able to wear bright colours, especially on a dreary day!

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