A few of HIS least favourite things.

My kitchen is done!  My kitchen is done!  I was feeling a bit concerned yesterday, and the day before, when a somewhat comical series of events took place that made the flooring installation take a full day longer than anticipated (“Hm.  Well.  This is going to complicate things.” the flooring guy said more times than I am comfortable with.)  I am extremely happy with the final product and I will post before and after pictures very soon, but today is Friday and I’m feeling a bit silly – giddy, even – and I have beer! because it’s a sunny day! and it’s a Friday! and the before pictures are on my other computer and I am just too silly, giddy, lazy, and beer-y to retrieve them.

The other day my husband and I were watching Modern Family and I pointed out the owl shaped cookie jar in their kitchen.  I had seen the same one on the anthropologie website, and I thought it was cute – outrageously overpriced, but cute.

“Please tell me you didn’t buy that.” my husband said.  Now.  I had no intentions of buying it – I don’t use cookie jars, and that particular cookie jar is $98, plus shipping and duties, and I think we can all agree that is an excessive price to pay for a cookie jar, when a Tupperware container does a much better job at keeping cookies fresh.  However, I thought – and still think – it’s adorable, but the vigor with which my husband opposed my way of thinking made me realize that, sometimes, we really are from different planets.
Mars and Venus, if you will.
I never actually read any of those books, for the record.  But I was inspired to make a list of things I love that my husband hates.  Hey, we could make a meme out of it!  Anyone want in?  Anyone?  Anyone? 
Things I Love That My Husband Hates
1. Kale chips.  I know!  How is that possible?  But, upon gamely trying some, he has said, and this is a direct quote, “GAH.  That is the worst thing I have ever eaten.” 
2. My favourite retro radio station that caters to old people.  What can I say, he is not a fan of 70s ballads.  He is also not a fan of listening to me sing along to 70s ballads in the car.  Baby I’m a want you.  
3. Speaking of retro, he’s not a fan of anything that could be described as retro, vintage-look, or antique.  He doesn’t like old things.  “But I like you, and you’re old!” I say to him, which is nearly always answered with a look only.  He also dislikes anything that can be described as kitchy.  In other words, he hates my new tea towel:

It says “Just Married”!  Sweet, right?  Following is the conversation we had about this tea towel.
Me: It’s so cute!  Just Married!
Husband: Why would you get something that says Just Married? 
Me: Don’t you think it’s cute?
Husband: But we’ve been married for ten years.
Me: But we’re in love just like we were just married!
Husband: *nonplussed silence*
4. This outfit:
This super comfortable outfit, he hates.  It’s not the little sweater.  It’s not the cropped leggings.  It’s this shirt:
“It looks like a maternity shirt!” he tells me, which is almost enough to dissuade me from wearing it.  And yet, I wear it still.  That shit is comfortable.  Someone mentioned that men universally dislike the empire waistline, from a “Is she knocked up?” point of view, which may be accurate.  I know that when I was pregnant, I mostly waddled around enjoying all the attention I received, in addition to eating eleven meals a day, while my husband worried about me.  So he may have a bit of PTSD from those days.  Still, I think the top is cute.  By the way, that’s the new flooring in the background.  Squee!
5. The people who do the weather and traffic reports on the morning news.  Okay, I don’t LOVE them, but I don’t actively hate them, either.  Given the chance I think that my husband would set them on fire. 
So, do you want to join in my Friday night meme?  Things you love but your significant other does not?  Good times, people, good times. 


  1. Paul hates my new cardigan, which he says is “everything that could be wrong with long sleeves.” (It has flared wrists.)

    He also dislikes mary jane shoes, and I can’t picture wearing any other style.

    • Mary Janes are a fabulous shoe style! Plus, I love flared wrists. They are certainly NOT everything that could be wrong with long sleeves!

  2. Oh my god, so. many. things! I love dance music, he hates it all. I love several pairs of my shoes that he abhors (have received numerous unsolicited compliments on them, however, so he can suck it). I love numerous TV programs he is deeply uninterested in (Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Community, Sherlock, I could go on and on…). I love fruity alcoholic drinks and gin. He doesn’t like either. I really must stop this or it’s going to appear we have nothing in common, but in fact I swear we get along quite well!

    • We get along well too – but honestly, sometimes it sounds like we are complete opposites. I swear we aren’t, but really. Who doesn’t like the Pina Colada song?

  3. So I just asked Michael “what do I love that you hate?” and he surprised me with his answer: “Anne of Green Gables. There it was, year after year, on the CBC. It was dull last year. It’s dull this year. IT’S DULL.”

    I had no idea he had the hate on for the spunky redhead.

    I’m still laughing.

    He used to hate Christmas, and I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS. After thirteen years and three children, he has finally conceded that Christmas can be fun, at least if I, Santa’s favourite elf, is in charge. But that used to be a huge disagreement every 12 months.

    • How can he hate the CBC Anne of Green Gables? I feel all kinds of disappointment. Although… I have a feeling my husband would share that feeling. Once he was sick and I watched Anne: the sequel while getting massively drunk on red wine. Oh yeah, it was New Year’s Eve! Wait. Is this making sense? You sure got pretty hair.

  4. I’m going to steal this and do it on my blog BECAUSE THE LIST IS LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! Now I’m going to leave before I offer up my opinion on item #1 on your list.

  5. Anonymous says

    High Heels. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? My man is NOT a modeliizer. “Why would you wear shoes this uncomfortable? (Because I look 8 feet tall and 80 pounds, DUH.)

    ALSO The empire waist was ABSOLUTELY accurate. ME – “I look young and cute” HE – “You look a) pregnant or b) that you are hiding the 11 meals you ate yesterday.

    Last but not least… My Black patent Tod’s loafers. SERIOUSLY? Me – Age appropriate and Uber chic. HE – old lady shoes. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! I CAN’t JUST WEAR FLIP FLOPS!!!


  6. BusyMomofTwins says

    Such a good question. Although, I think that I have more things that drive me crazy that my husband does/has then he does about me. So, I asked. His response:

    Private Practice – he says that there there are always sick babies on there, and he just can’t watch it!

    When I say something is “disgusting” – he feels nothing is that bad.

    Hummus – he can’t stand it, and I eat it almost every day!

  7. I LOVE empire waist. Maybe that’s the main reason I love Jane Austen so much…but really it’s Mr. Darcy. Empire waist is about as comfy as you can get while still making my boobs look good. Though, I do think that someone plus size like me has a danger of looking pregnant while wearing empire waist, while you are so fit that you don’t run that risk at all.

    The list of what my husband hates but I love, is so long I could probably dedicate a whole new blog to it. We are opposites that attracted.

  8. Eating out at restaurants that are non-chain or cost more than $8 a meal. The entire time he will go on and on about the expense and how many meals he could have at McD’s for the price of the one meal we are eating. KMN

    Short hair. I want a pixie. He would probably burst into flames.

    Walking and hiking. Apparently cars were invented so we wouldn’t have to walk. Ever.

    Stopping on a road trip. We must reach our destination as fast as possible or the world will spin right off its axis.

    There are more, but I shall refrain.

  9. I listen to a variety of music…mostly top 40 crap because I want to act like I’m young. My husband said “I’m trying to culture myself and added some of your songs to my iPod…how do you live with yourself every day listening to this crap”
    Now that’s luv right thur.
    My husband also hates a few outfits of mine which makes me want to wear them more because I love to irritate him…I mean I love him.

  10. I could go on forever about the things I love that my husband does not. But I don’t feel like typing that long.

    If the shirt is comfy, I say wear it.

  11. I love: Elvis Costello & Tom Waits. He says: They’re too wordy and they can’t sing.
    He loves: Yo La Tengo. I say: They’re boring as hell.

    Oh but that “everything that could be wrong with long sleeves” comment up there cracked me up.

    As far as I know, my husband has no opinions about clothes — mine or anyone’s — at all. I have many about his but it is useless to comment so I do not.


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