Knowing Me, Knowing You, The Time Change Edition

With clock-like consistency, there are two times of the year that get me excessively agitated and stabby, and those times are the “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” atrocities known as Daylight Saving-related time changes.  I may have mentioned this before.  I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I will say that, as I age, I myself seem to be more affected by this.  For example, I woke up at 3:30 this morning thinking that it was time to head over to the yoga studio.  I think my stomach is currently in danger of digesting itself, and it’s only 11:00.  My brain is a liquidy mess.  I can’t wait until I slip into a coma at 6:30 tonight – after it’s been dark for two hours, and I certainly can’t wait for the excitement of having two highly exhausted children at that time, when we will still need to finish our home reading and tidy up our rooms.  It’s going to be great!

Just pick a fucking time and stick with it, people.  Time change is an antiquated notion.  Let’s move on.

So as my brain liquifies and I sip my fourth cup of coffee, let’s play a game of Knowing Me Knowing You, shall we?  I picked up this meme from my very good non-lesbian-life-partner-she’s-just-a-friend Allison over at Bibliomama.  Play along – it’s fun!

1. What keeps you up late at night?
Oh, ha ha, this is such a funny question!  Nothing.  I have trouble falling asleep very rarely, and when I do it’s due to something ridiculously stupid like the guy who came to one School Council/ Parent Association meeting and raved about busing fees and the school naturalization area, but who actually did not want any involvement with the Parent Association because he is way “too busy”.  That guy irritated me so much I stayed awake until AFTER TEN O’CLOCK.  Travesty.  

2. Do you collect anything?
I have a lot of books, but I’m not sure I would say I collect them.  Clothes?  Yoga wear?  Boots?  At last count I have 10 pairs of black boots, and here is a (partial) look inside my closet:

My yoga clothes – sadly, I am doing laundry right now and so this is much neater and less crammed than usual.  Also note: I have a cowboy hat on my top shelf.  This is what living in Calgary does to you, people.

My sweater “drawer”.

My “drawer” dedicated to t-shirts of the long and short sleeved variety.

So I’m not sure if I can say I have a “collection”, but my husband would say that I have issues with clothing.  Hey, you can never have enough black tops and sweaters, am I right?

3. Are you addicted to Angry Birds?
I barely know what Angry Birds IS.  I have a flip phone.  I don’t even have voice mail on it.

4. What’s your idea of a perfect evening?
At the risk of sounding VERY lame, I love spending the evening on the couch, drinking wine and eating something made with cheese, and watching reruns of NYPD Blue.  Or Jeopardy.  I am so much fun to live with!

5. Are you looking forward to winter?
I live in Calgary.  It’s winter right now.  NO.  I like to be warm.  But at least the winter gives me an excuse to procure more black sweaters and boots. 


  1. 1) CAFFEINE kEePs mE AwAkE! I used to be diet coke any time of the day or night gal, but I quit two years ago and now the smallest glass of sweet tea gets me wIrEd!
    2) I try not to collect anything but I’m having a serious problem letting go of my boys old toys and clothes. Damn Toy Story.

    Oh, and I’m totally with you on the asinine time change rule.

  2. Why doesn’t anyone want to say they collect books? I see a book, I want it – isn’t that collecting?

    and Jesus Christ, even an hour later than that is way too earlier to be heading over to the damn yoga studio. And then I look at your ass and reconsider. In a completely non-lesbian way, you understand.

  3. You can never have too many black boots or sweaters! Ever!
    Do I collect anything? Pet Peeves, I have a lot of them.

  4. Any reason for more boots is good. Blogging keeps me up late at night. Always.

  5. I wrote this long comment about how you need an iPhone as it was allowing me to comment on your post right now and then the fucking phone spazzed out over your capthca and my comment was deleted. Never mind. Carry on as you were.

  6. I stole this meme and used it on my blog. Yay! Day 7 of NaBloPoMo saved!

    Now if you could just think of some topics for the other 23 days, that’d be great. Thanks.

  7. I am not looking forward to winter either.

    Or tornado season. I’m in Oklahoma so I get to deal with tornados.

  8. Your perfect evening sounds like fun to me. Only it has to be Jeopardy!

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