Save the drama for your mama.

I try to write quality posts and occasionally I try to write beautiful posts and yesterday I checked my statistics to see why, specifically, people visit this blog.  Is it my views on parenting, on mindful living, on good karma and kindness?

Here are some of the popular search terms that have been used to find my blog:

1) Cougar moms and velour tracksuits.
2) 16 year old girls with whale tails.
3) Boys stripping girls in their house. *although this has also been spelled “boyz striping girls in there house”, but that kind of spelling gives me squidgies.*
4) Boy and fack girl in the house.
5) Asam Sandler singing into ex-girlfriends intercom  *That is how it is spelled.  I altered neither the spelling nor the punctuation, despite my squidgies.*

All of which is to say, I must have a lot of disappointed blog visitors.  Perhaps I should talk more about my velour tracksuits.

The past few days has seen a lot of sadness and difficulties for various friends and family, the details of which I am not going to go into, but I seem to be coping by baking things.  There are worse coping mechanisms, I suppose (like drinking, which I am doing right this second).  Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for Jake and 13 little friends, and so I have been a cupcake baking machine.  We have two guests coming who are unable to eat wheat and/or gluten, and so I made a batch of gluten free cupcakes.  I was a bit concerned as to how they would turn out; I read some recipes in Chatelaine magazine (don’t judge, I AM a suburban Canadian mother) but I became completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of different flours and ingredients required.  My dearest friend, who has a daughter with Celiac disease, suggested Pamela’s Products, and I have to say, the result was not bad at all.  The cupcakes were only one inch high but they were tasty.  The package suggested adding an extra egg for extra light cupcakes, and I will say this: if you need to make gluten free cupcakes and there is an option to make them “extra light”, ADD THE EGG.  I can’t imagine how dense the result would be if you, as the package suggested, added less water for a more dense cake. 

So it’s the birthday party tomorrow and I am sure I will have much to say about that, but for now, I think I might go sample another cupcake and refill my wineglass.  I hope your weekend is going well, my lovelies.


  1. I read Chatelaine too! I’m also a suburban housewife so I guess I’m fulfilling my role.

    Baking gluten free is nuts. The amount of money that I have spent on collecting the 500 hundred flours required to make one loaf of bread is insane. Often going with a box-mix is the best way.

    I bet the kids will love it. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. YUM! What sort of icing? I’m ALL about the icing.

    I hope the drama settles down for your family. 🙁 Maybe the new season will bring calmer times.

    Looking at the search terms that bring people to my blog is one of my favorite internet past times!

  3. What I wouldn’t give for a velour tracksuit RIGHT THIS SECOND. Le sigh.

    There is definitely a correlation between bad spelling and rude internet search topics.

    I hope your family sadness abates — I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. have a great party! I commented under your struggling post. Sorry for the delay I have been having problems with blogger.

  5. My son is gluten free. Next time let me know and I can help you out. Gluten free stirring is a very touchy thing.

  6. I have a great visual of a jungle cat in a lacy thong right now.

    I wanted to bring gluten free stuff to a friend who broke herself in several places in a bike crash. I made chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, but then chickened out and bought the rest at Rainbow Foods. Baking without wheat is HARD.

    Eve has been barfing all day – astonishingly, she’s being very undramatic about it all.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that there is sadness going on around you. If you ever want to bake some brownies I’ll be happy to eat them for you.

  8. I hear xanthum gum is key for glutten-free baking. I am never disappointed in your posts. But I am not looking for fat boyz or girls in the house.


  9. Those search terms are kinda funny. Once I wrote a post about how clever I thought Playboy TV’s marketing was and wanted to draw focus on the fact that they were marketing to women, not women. Needless to say I get a lot of disappointed viewers too. Sorry guys, no boobies on my blog!

    I still sending happy thoughts and prayers your way Nicole! xx

  10. Sorry, there was a typo there…it should be that they were marketing to women, not men.

  11. Where are the fack girls? I came here looking for fack girls!

    What the heck is a fat girl?

  12. Eating cupcakes and drinking…not a bad evening to be had!

  13. The whale tale search and velour track suit was all me…sorry to mess up your stats.

    Send them cupcakes my way. I don’t care if they’re gluten free. I’ll eat anything with enough icing on it.

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