Nostalgia and almost-birthdays.

I know this past weekend was a tough one for many of you, and so please accept my virtual hugs and kisses.  I did not watch the news all weekend, and I largely steered clear of the Internet, but I did think about those of you for whom this past weekend was very, very difficult.

The past few weeks have been unseasonably – I mean, really, truly, unseasonably – hot, and I’ve been loving every second of it.  Tank tops in September?  Who knew that such a phenomenon was possible?  It all came to a crashing halt today, which is fine because I’m gearing up for a busy week.  I have no time for such mundane things as enjoying the weather.  My husband is heading out of town, I have the first school council/ parent association meeting of the year, it’s Jake’s birthday, and I must procure many, many items of a baked goods nature.

This time of the year always seems very busy.  I have no time for reminiscing about Jake’s birthday, it seems.  Six years ago today, I was wallowing around like a giant panda.  Six years ago today I was eating such quality foodstuffs as Cheez Whiz on toast several times a day.  Six years ago today I felt as if the baby’s head might actually pop right out of my vagina if I walked too quickly.  Six years ago today I wondered why everyone in the world was so annoying, and why they were all out to get me with their annoying voices and mannerisms.

It’s probably better NOT to reminisce too much.  Who wants to live in the past, anyway?

I did see a woman in the grocery store today with a small girl, perhaps she was three years old.  The little girl was adorable, shrieking with excitement in the produce section: “Carrots, Mama, we’re getting carrots!  They’re orange!  Carrots!  Peppers!  I have little tomatoes!”  I was reminded of my days of grocery shopping with Jake.  I spent the rest of my trip awash in nostalgia until we got to the lineup.  The lineup that had a trifecta of incredibly slow and inefficient people: the cashier, the bagger, and the little old lady with what appeared to be several hundred coupons and who wanted to pay with every single penny she had in her little vinyl purse.  I took the opportunity to read US magazine and catch up on all those people who I have no idea a) who they are or b) why they are famous.  The little girl and her mother were in front of me, and the little girl was restless.  She asked to get out of the cart, she tried to help put groceries on the conveyor, she lay down on the floor, she got accidentally stepped on by her mother, she started sobbing for all of humanity.  I smiled at her mother, who looked frazzled and tired, I tried to make up for the crabby comments I could hear from the woman behind me. 

And just like that, my nostalgic feelings dissipated and I went to pick my big, big boys up from school for lunch.


  1. Thank you for being nice to the lady in the store. I hope it helped her.

  2. Now a head spontaneously popping out of your vagina sounds kind of ummmm…uncomfortable.
    Speaking of which, one of my coworkers was walking around one day at work. She said “Kim, when you get further along in your pregnancy, it gets so uncomfortable. Like today, it feels like a head is poking out of my crotch”…go figure…it was a head. Yup, she delivered a healthy boy 2 hours after she said that to me.
    Was this a random comment?

  3. I just baked a chocolate cream pie and coconut macaroons, and my husband is about to go out of town. If we were neighbours we could share my baked goods and watch NYPD Blue and drink wine while our husbands were away. Screw the kid nostalgia – I’m neighbour-sick!

  4. Good for you for showing her a little kindness! I know I could have used some when I was in those days!

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