Updates and a meme!

I feel like I, perhaps, left my dear readers hanging; I will make amends by updating you on the goings-on in the Boyhouse.

1) Mark has been using an inhaler for a week, and he has NOT COUGHED FOR A WEEK.  Happy coincidence?  Related: I have been sleeping uninterrupted through the night.  Not once have I woken up and listened to coughing for two hours!

2) I found a new esthetician.  I chose this particular place because of the incredibly convenient hours, but they also advertised “pain-free” waxing, of which I was deeply skeptical.  Now, you may or may not believe me, but the waxing was actually PAIN-FREE!  For every ending there is a beginning, I suppose. 

3) Related to aging and fleeting time:
 a) INXS’ “Devil Inside” was played on the local “oldies” station, and
 b) While in the pharmaceutical section of Wal-Mart, I noticed three ladies who appeared to be in their sixties giggling and talking to one another with regards to their favourite product.  The product in question?  Personal lubricant. 

I will leave it at that.

Marilyn over at A Lot of Loves tagged me in a meme, about seven posts that I’ve written.  I love memes!  I especially love them on Friday nights when I have a big glass of wine beside me.  I had to dig through a whole lot of archives, and discovered posts I had forgotten that I had even read!  But here goes!

Most Beautiful Post
This was tricky because I don’t tend to think I write particularly beautiful posts, but I do like this one about happiness with children (plus it has super cute pictures of my kids as babies!), and I also like this one about my very grumpy grandpa.

Most Popular Post
My post that has the most pageviews is this one, and I’m going to guess that its popularity is based on the fact that I reference “mom jeans”.  My second most popular post referenced Scaredy Squirrel, which just goes to show that in order to gain popularity you need name-drop a little. 

Most Controversial Post
I’m not huge on controversy around here, but my post on breastfeeding spurred some discussion.  Breastfeeding = controversy, AM I RIGHT?  If you want to ignite some flames, just bring up breastfeeding!  But I urge you, my dear readers, to always be kind, especially to hormonal and sleep-deprived new mothers who may, years later, still ache about certain memories.

Most Helpful Post
Oooh, this is a tough one.  I don’t feel my posts are particularly helpful OR informative, unless you want to commisserate about weird things.  However, here is my public service announcement about what NOT to say to pregnant women.  I urge you to read the comments. 

Post Whose Success Surprised You
Well, obviously the one about Scaredy Squirrel, because I discussed DEAD SQUIRRELS in my neighbourhood.  Not exactly that interesting.  Kind of revolting, really.  I was also surprised at the success of my varicose-vein stripping update, but I guess it was popular because I used the word “stripping” in the title.  I imagine the people who were googling “stripping” were probably somewhat disappointed when they ended up at my blog.

Post That You Didn’t Feel Got The Attention It Deserved
Hey, I’m just happy to be here.  I’m happy that people read my blog at all.  However, early on in my blogging days, I wrote this about Woodstock, Ann Landers, and Alice Munro, and I really liked it.

Post That You Are Most Proud Of
Honestly, I have no idea.  My favourite posts are always the ones leading up to Christmas, but I found this little gem in the archives.  It’s not exactly fine literature, but it pretty much sums up life in the Boyhouse.


  1. Wrinkly brods and lubricant? I may have vommed in my mouth a little.
    Also INXS as an oldie? Psha…never!!
    Glad there’s no more coughing!
    Nice collection of posts my dear!! It’s hard to just pick one of yours! Yes I got all sappy on you.

  2. Congrats on the week free of coughing. My oldest son who is 14 now had a chronic cough from 15 months old to 3 years old! I feel your pain. After a gazillion test and specialist they said he would outgrow it. We were lucky and he finally did. I hope your little guys continues on this path.

    Pain free waxing…that is just an oxymoron…

    love the meme, it is cool to see what bloggers think of their own posts but, since I am new to the blog world I thought you were updating us on your Meme(aka grandmother)…I really am smart though…

  3. I don’t have an esthetiicianistary. I don’t even know what that is. I suppose this speaks volumes about me. They don’t yell at you, do they?

    Oh well, anything has to be better than the Russian girl who does my eyebrows twice a year while making sad, piteous looks at my eyebrows.

    This is a pretty cool meme, I’m going to go poke through your posts now.

  4. Glad the inhaler is working for Mark and you can sleep through the night again.

    Pain free waxing sounds like something I could handle.

  5. Yay, you did it! Good that these women were still getting jiggy, non? It means we’ll still be getting jiggy at that age too.

  6. Tag me! TAG ME! PLEASE!!

    Did the old ladies know what personal lubricant was for? Or were they using it for non-standard issues?, ie easy insertion of dentures.

  7. Nan – TAG!

  8. Nan’s comment made me snort. 😛

    You are funny, Nicole.

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