Oh, HAI.

Where, you may be wondering, have I been?  Or perhaps you were not wondering that at all.  In any case, I’m just back from a sunny vacation during which the following momentous events occurred: Jake went from a reluctant, life-jacket wearing child to one who jumped into the pool and swam across it without the assistance of floatation devices, I ate four tomatoes a day fresh from my mother-in-law’s garden, the boys and I spent many hours honing our engineering skills with respect to sand sculptures, and I got, awkwardly enough, approached by my sister-in-law’s swinging single male neighbour.  Sugar daddy!  Oh wait.  I think I already have one of those.

So it was a great vacation, and I even have a suntan.  I am also completely sapped from the drive home.  It is surprisingly energy consuming to sit in the passenger seat and hand out snacks for eight hours.  It is also energy consuming to listen with sympathy and interest to the various conversations coming at me from three different directions.  From Mark came incessant questions about the exact number of minutes until we would arrive at our destination, along with a near-constant commentary on the nature and names of the various bodies of water we were passing.  Jake alternated between playing and snacking quietly in his seat, and becoming filled with Hulk-like rage over sitting in his seat for hours.  My husband, in the tradition of the last thirteen years of our road trips together, and perhaps for even longer than that, released an irate barrage of curses on three types of drivers: the elderly, those driving motorhomes and/or trailers, and people from the prairies who drive twenty kilometers an hour below the speed limit on curvy roads, but insanely fast on straightaways and passing lanes so that passing was impossible.  God help us all if a driver happened to belong to all three catogories.  It is happy that he doesn’t have voodoo dolls; if he did, drivers all along the TransCanada would suddenly have their eyes popping out of their heads or suffer instant heart failure. 

So what did I miss while I was away?  Tell me everything. xo


  1. I got nothing.

    But I’m laughing, picturing the poor driver who’d manage to fit in all 3 categories that irk your husband.

  2. Welcome back! Glad you survived.

  3. Welcome home! I laughed out loud too – I perfer by far to drive than to hand out snacks. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your summer.

  4. Nothing with me, but my kid’s baseball team won Provincials and there’s an article about him in the paper. And the kid that joked at the beginning of the year that they could cut off his flowing red hair if they won Provincials? He’s in serious need of a clean-up trip to First Choice tomorrow.

    Welcome back.

  5. Sounds like quite an interesting drive home! I’d hate to be the person who fell into all 3 categories!

  6. So glad you are back! Enjoy that suntan.

    All you missed was a bunch of talk about BlogHer.

  7. Welcome back. Your vacation – except for the prairie drivers – sounds great.


    PS – sorry about the snake.

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