Sloth and the Splash Pad – Summer of Awesome

We have been on summer vacation for one week and we have turned into a slothful people.  This is why I don’t register the kids in any organized activities; we are too busy being completely lazy every morning to get anywhere.  I’m in my sweaty yoga clothes, drinking coffee and accomplishing nothing, until finally showering at 10:00, which sounds pretty benign until I realize I’ve been up for over five hours.  It’s all we can do to get organized enough to leave the house by early afternoon.  Mark has created a game he calls “Left Hook” which involves a chutes and ladders board, the corresponding superhero game pieces, sharks, and death.  This game goes on for hours.  HOURS.  Each morning he sets up the board and the boys are occupied for a very long time.  Jake joins in as well but alternates between Left Hook and his own complicated game that involves aliens, clay, and death.
The weather here has been so sunny and warm that I secretly wonder if I moved without knowing it.  I don’t THINK I did.  When it’s warm like this I have the frantic urge to seize the day and spend every second doing warm-weather activities, like swimming.  Not that I am swimming.  But I’m enjoying watching the kids swim.  I am also defiantly displaying my scarred, scarred legs. 
Outdoor pools are something of a novelty to me, since it is rarely so warm here that one would crave “cooling off” in a pool.  Mostly when it is warm I have the urge to become as hot and sweaty as possible in the hopes that I will store up the heat for when the weather turns.  There are a few outdoor pools here, and we have been enjoying them, by the time I pull myself together and get the kids in their suits and sunscreen.
Yesterday we went to an old favourite, a little wading pool that has been recently turned into a splash pad.  If you’re in the area, you should check it out with the following caveat: the recent refurbishment means that grass sod has been newly laid and so, in the spirit of following the signage to keep off the grass, there is very little space to lay out picnic blankets, although I’m sure that will sort itself out as the summer goes on.
The kids had a great time, despite being disappointed that their friends couldn’t join us due illness.  I managed to snap some super cute pictures; however, I was disappointed to discover that unfortunately I a) didn’t notice the moms in bathing suits standing behind the kids, resulting in mom bums in the background of most of the shots, and b) I don’t know how to photoshop things. 
I used little black stars to mask the moms behind Jake.  I AM CREATIVE.

Mark got soaked and then coughed for an hour. 
Oh, post-pneumonia-infection cough!  When will you leave?

Calgary may not be the prettiest city around, but look at that blue sky!  And look at me, wearing a bathing suit and NOT EVEN CARING ABOUT MY VERY SCARRED LEGS.
As some of you have noticed, I have a new logo!  I love it so much.  My beautiful friend Tracy, over at made it for me.  She’s creative and fabulous and she sees me every morning at 5:00 am and she LOVES ME ANYWAY.  Those are my feet, by the way!  Thanks Tracy – you’re the best, baby.  xoxo


  1. Today at the splash pad I was carefully looking for a safe place to lay my blanket while all the moms around me were cheerfully ignoring the large signs and floresant tape.
    I had to practice my whole “judge not” belief system very hard today.
    But it was awesome to be hot and sweaty.

  2. Nice photoshopping. The black stars are better than bums anyday.

  3. I have trouble taking pictures without cluttered backgrounds too. I was unfamiliar with the masking-butts-with-black-stars technique, but I will definitely be employing it from now on. I hate the heat, and if there is a pool within striking distance I will be in it (fortunately most of my neighbours like me). Show off those legs!

  4. That looks like a very cool splash pad.

  5. Glad to hear the weather has been warm enough for you to go to the pool.

    Great job cutting the other people out of the picture.

    I noticed the new header awhile ago. Looks great.

  6. Spalsh pad just equals fun! I wish my kids still enjoyed them…but they think I am just lame and out of touch when I mention how much fun they would have.

  7. I love splash pads. I live in Tx so we really do need pools!

  8. Kimberly says

    Thanks for saving my eyes and starring their bums 😉

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