Odds and Ends and a Royal Zoo Trip

It has been a busy few days in the Boy House.  Last Thursday I found myself at the hair therapist’s without a book, and so I picked up People magazine to learn all about Bachelor Brad’s breakup with Emily.  Here’s the reason they broke up: Emily became jealous after watching the actual broadcast of The Bachelor – week after week she realized that Brad was romancing all the other women who were “vying for his love” and she didn’t feel special anymore – and the strain from watching her fiance get it on with other women wasn’t something Brad could “physically comfort her” about since they were not allowed to see each other in the months following the show’s taping.  Here’s a plan, people: if you want to actually have a healthy relationship, don’t go on a reality dating show.  I don’t know.  It’s just an idea.  I mean, if you want to be on the cover of People magazine talking about your failed relationship, well then, be my guest. 
The girl who shampooed my hair said, with regards to this Bachelor information, “I guess the show brought them together AND tore them apart!”  Very astute.
Speaking of breakups, I had a very awkward moment when I greeted a woman I hadn’t seen for a while by asking about her puppy.  Last I saw her she had a beautiful Lab puppy.  Wouldn’t you know, she and her boyfriend had broken up and now he has custody of the puppy.  I think next time I’m going to just stick with “Hi.”

Friday a friend and I decided to take our kids to the zoo.  The timing was not accidental – we had heard that Will and Kate were going to be visiting the zoo that day.  A chance to see the Duke and Duchess while also seeing wolves and Foggy the hippo?  Irresistible.  I have had an annual zoo pass since Mark was a baby, but I didn’t immediately renew it this year because the zoo has increased their prices considerably.  In the past four years, the price of childrens’ passes have more than doubled, and adult passes have almost doubled.  Plus, the zoo had eliminated free parking without purchase of an expensive pass.  One of the things I really hate about this city – besides the atrocious weather – is the cost of parking.  But I did eventually suck it up and purchase passes and – what do you know – we had a great day and it was well worth cost of admission.  Jake got to see Foggy and received his telepathic communication (“He said Hi Jake, I love you!” Jake informed me after staring at the hippo for some time).  Mark got to see his favourite Canadian wild animals although not, alas, a beaver.  We saw some active grizzly bears:

and some mascot grizzly bears, oddly enough.

Then we saw the royal motorcade!  Oh happy day!

And despite what it looks like, we were not creeping out in the bushes.  We were standing at the gorilla viewing area!
My husband asked why I find the royal couple so appealing, and I will tell you: they seem so HAPPY.  I really like seeing happy people, as opposed to those people who have little black clouds over their heads at all times.  Plus, I am coveting every single one of Kate’s outfits including her fabulous shoes.  Where would I wear them is another question.  The playground?  School drop-off?  THE ZOO?  Perhaps not.
This weekend I was at a yoga workshop which was both inspiring and exhausting, and so last night I found myself curled up on the couch, drinking wine and watching Sex and the City reruns.  Speaking of which, I have a recipe for cosmopolitans up at the cooking website.  Yes, the recipe of the week is a drink, but what can I say, it’s Stampede time in Calgary which is code for “a whole lot of drinking and debauchery”.  Festive AND appropriate! 


  1. I like your reason for liking the royals. I can’t articulate my interest at all. But what’s not to like? $1.53 of my taxes goes to support the crown every year. In return I get to cut down a Christmas tree from their land AND I get to “ew” and “ah” when they come to Canada. Sounds like a bargain.

    Since you are much more fashionable than I, what’s your opinion on Kate having to wear nude hose and closed toe shoes when performing royal duties?

    So is “hair therapist” a new job (ie colourist), or just a new phrase (like when garbage men became sanitation engineers) or is it something exclusive to you? I live in the sticks, I’m so far out of the loop, I need hip things spelled out for me.

  2. We did the zoo with out of town friends this afternoon. Along with the entire city. We couldn’t get over how much prices have gone up. But it is still a fun afternoon, even without royal sightings.
    I must confess, I am glad they’ve gone back and CBC is no longer one big royal love in. I don’t mind the royals, but they are NOT news. (thus sayeth the Geek).

  3. I have not watched The Bachelor in years. Of course he is going to give other girls attention.

    The day at the zoo looks fun!

  4. He said “Hi Jake, I love you”…hahaha! Is your son an animal whisperer?

  5. Nan: The woman who cuts/colours my hair goes by “Hair Therapist”. I like this, since my poor hair is in desperate need of therapy. As opposed to “hair dresser” which makes me think of my grandma and once-a-week hair appointments, or “hair stylist” which makes me think that someone is actually on my staff, styling my hair for photo shoots.

    Now, as regards the nude hose…this is going to be controversial but I like it. I actually like nude hose, but that may be because my own legs are all scarred and mosquito bitten and sometimes bruised from walking into the coffee table. Adam Glassman (O mag) always said that nude hose is an abomination, but he does not live in Canada where having bare legs results in purple goosebumps from the chilly air. SCREW YOU ADAM.

  6. Glad you all made it out of the zoo alive. Yes, the photo of the royal couple is a little stalkerish…makes for a great story. The hair therapist is cool as long as she doesn’t ask your hair how it feels. I f that happens, run, don’t walk outta there!

  7. I think you could dress like Kate just wandering around the city. Why not? You’ll be the most fabulous woman in the zoo.

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