Young Hearts! Be free! Tonight!

Tomorrow is the boys’ soccer tournament – Super! Soccer! Saturday! – and I am completely unenthusiastic about it.  It looks like it is going to be freakishly cold, and most likely raining, as it has been for most of this week. 

The rain did not dampen the spirits of a teenage couple who were walking down my street, hand in hand, and then, suddenly started making out passionately in front of my house in the middle of the afternoon.  Sometimes it just cannot wait, I guess.  By the time the guy got to second base – which really didn’t take long – I felt I should probably STOP WATCHING.  Ah, young love. 

Speaking of young love, I found this photo quite amusing:

Photo from Toronto Star
There’s nothing like tear gas and billy sticks to get passions flowing.  Maybe it’s the riot gear, in which case I actually understand.  Not much sexier than a man in uniform, especially one wielding weapons.  My friend Nan wrote a funny post on the rioting that probably had nothing to do with the Stanley Cup, and everything to do with people being assholes.  The rioting!  I find it hard to even somewhat understand this mentality.  These actions just have to be premeditated.  How else to explain it?  “Shit, the Canucks lost.  Luckily I happen to have a jerry can of gasoline and a sledge hammer.  Let’s go fuck some stuff up!” 

I mean, really.  It’s too bad that the rioters in question are more than likely unemployed and/or unemployable, or perhaps they could be held financially accountable for the damage.  Unfortunately, hanging out in your mom’s basement playing Wii isn’t a marketable skill.  My husband, upon watching the news, echoed his earlier sentiments regarding the rioting anarchists at last summer’s G20 summit.  This time, instead of declaring that should our children ever partake in such destructive festivities he would blow through their inheritance and education funds and buy a Maserati, he decided that he would purchase a Ferrari instead and never allow them to go near it. 

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Meanwhile he is out golfing this evening while I drink copious amounts of wine and wait for the boys to be in bed so I can put on the NYPD Blue DVD’s and think about a) how many layers of sweaters to wear to Super! Soccer! Saturday and b) what to make for Father’s Day dessert – chocolate mousse (the non-avocado kind) or cake?  Anyone?  Anyone?

According to The National: the photo above evidently is NOT about two people getting it on – it’s a woman who tripped and had a panic attack, and the gentleman in question is trying to calm her down.  THAT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!  It would be sweet if there was a follow up date, though.


  1. Thanks for the endorsement!

    Your husband is a very wise man. I think he needs to take his plan even further: he should give the kids the keys to that Ferrari, then turn around and light the car on fire. “Oh. NOT so funny when it’s your property, is it?” he could say.

    Would your husband like a Chocolate Stout Cake? It’s v. popular w/ my spouse.

  2. And I like the new header on your blog — is that new?

  3. Helen says we should make cake for Father’s Day. So, that’s the three-year old’s opinion.

  4. Actually I heard on CBC that it’s an Australian guy and his Canadian girlfriend, and she was freaking out so he was lying beside her trying to calm her down. In the middle of the street. With her skirt up around her waist. Yep, his Dad said this, obviously hoping his adorable Australian accent would distract everyone from the fact that THAT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE. Wait, am I allowed to swear here? Is that an apostrophe in DVDs? (hey, if I’m going to piss you off I might as well go all in). 🙂

  5. That is so not a panic attack! Theryre about to git it on.
    I agree with the inheritance blowing. What are you going to buy?!

  6. I love, love, love the new header for your blog. As for this Massachusetts girl, we were excited about our Briuns win. We didn’t get too crazy but I can’t say the same for my chicks….there may be another installment to How the Chicken Coop Turns”.

  7. Yeah the panic attack thing sounds kind of bogus to me. I saw other pictures from other angles and it seemed distinctly much more about making out than calming someone down. Unless the proper way to calm someone is put your hand up their skirt.

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