You put the meaning in my life! You’re the inspiration.

I waitressed all through university, except for one unfortunate summer in which I worked as a beer girl, ultimately quitting when the requirement was for me to wear a Busch bathing suit to work.  Waitressing was not a bad way to make money for a student; the only problem was that by the end of several shifts in a row I pretty much hated the entire human race.  It got to the point where if one more person asked me for a free refill of diet coke, or complained that there was not enough salad dressing, or asked for three separate cheques and then left without leaving a tip, I was going to snap completely. 

Right now I feel the same way, but with regards to children.   

The book fair was fine, by the way.

Does it seem lately that we are all being inundated with inspirational quotes?  It seems like every time I turn around I’m receiving a quote about hope, and letting go to discover life’s meaning, and turning lemons into fucking lemonade.  Inspirational quotes are the email jokes of the recent age.  Remember how, with the advent of the email joke, our inboxes would be filled with lame jokes, and various urban legends, and pictures of kittens?  Now it seems like the day of that particular version of spammy emails is over and in its place are inspirational quotes. 

Don’t get me wrong: I do love a good quote: one of my favourites being from Mary Oliver “Watch, now, how I start my day in happiness, in kindness.”  I think about that every single morning and I swear it makes my day better.  Another of my favourites is from Desiderata, “With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.  Be careful.  Strive to be happy.”

But I came across a quote from the late Bob Ross, of “The Joy of Painting” fame.  Remember Bob Ross?  The guy with all the happy little trees?  Are you ready for this?  It is the most inspirational quote EVER.

“Maybe, maybe, maybe there’s a big old cloud that lives right there.
And he just sort of floats across the sky, and he’s got a friend that
lives right there. Clouds need friends too. We all need a friend.”

Anyone else suddenly have a case of the munchies? 


  1. Maybe you should get that quote framed for your kitchen.

  2. I love that you have “Damn hippies” as a blog tag.

  3. I think you’ll appreciate my favourite: Some people are like slinkies. You can help but smile when you push them down the stairs.


  4. Those emails that talk about the glory of God and then say pass this on or you’re clearly a sad and pathetic loser who has no joy or purpose? Those make me want to drop kick a kitten.

  5. My favourite quote is from my buddy Jane Austen: “I do not want people to be agreeable as it saves me the trouble of liking them.” Possibly not very inspirational, but it speaks to me.

  6. Ummm…Bob Ross was the bees knees

  7. ah, Bob Ross. why yes, i DO have the munchies.

    and yes, the inspirational quotes can shove it. except for LisaDay’s above. i like that.

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