The longest day of the year

Happy Summer Solstice!  Here, that means that the sun rises at 5:20 am and sets at almost 10:00 pm, and, amazingly, the sun has come out today!  It’s going to be 22 degrees Celcius, which may not sound like much for you people in milder climes, but to us hardened Calgarians, it might as well be a heat wave.  A very welcome heat wave.  I took the opportunity to photograph various parts of my garden:

Leopard’s bane – in bloom!  Sweet peas – stunted at one inch of growth.

The hostas have enjoyed the rain; at least SOMETHING has.

Lilacs – FINALLY blooming.  I know, I know, everyone else’s lilacs were finished weeks ago. 

My front yard.  It’s north facing and, quite honestly, a bitch to grow things in.  Lots of shady plants.

You can’t tell in this picture, but not only am I wearing sandals, but I am also wearing capri-length jeans!  Summer!

“Can we go for a walk now?  Can we?  Huh?”

That is what my garden looks like on the first day of summer.  Speaking of summer, I am going to be participating in Lynn’s “Summer of Awesome”!  I’ll be writing about all sorts of fun local things to do with kids during the summer.  The summer of awesome. 

There are many fabulous things to do with the kids around Calgary.  If you’re local, feel free to give me your feedback on the places I will be writing about.  If you’re not local, maybe this will tempt you into taking a trip to Calgary.  Although, I may have already ruined it for you with my many, many posts about snow and getting hypothermia at the soccer field.  Lesson: one does not live in Calgary for the fantastic climate.  We live here for the cowboy hats!

The other day a song came on the radio that made Mark get his groove on like nobody’s business.  It reminded me so much of saying “Doing the white man’s overbite.” 


  1. Those are quite possibly the shortest sweet peas ever…but at least they’re growing.

  2. I like your garden. I have the opposite problem in my back yard – south facing, could fry an egg on the patio at noon, absolutely inhumanly crushing suffocating heat. I want to move to Calgary. Can you scare away your neighbours so I can move in next door?

  3. Bibliomamama, this is about our fourth nice day in 2011. Think carefully before pulling up stakes and moving here!
    Love your pics. And youvare right, your hostas are doing GREAT. Your sweet peas could use some happy thoughts on the other hand.

  4. Your garden is lovely. I am especially jealous of your front walk.

    I mark every summer solstice by mocking my husband for removing the black out blinds from our bedroom. The sun rose at 4:30 AM today. And shone directly into our bedroom. ARGH.

  5. Yay for summer bitches. I’m glad that Calgary has caught up with us Ontario folk. Actually it was so hot out today that I had boob sweat. Awesome? I know.

  6. Aww, you look so pretty and your garden is looking pretty amazing too! I wish I had a green thumb, I’m a terrible gardener!

    So happy that summer is here, Happy Solstice to you too!

  7. I’m celebrating your capris and sandals although I have no idea what 22 Celsius is, I’m used to Fahrenheit temps.

  8. I should probably clarify – the purple flowers on the corner of the garage are pansies. The trellis in the background is usually full of sweet peas. But not this year! I’ve never had this happen with sweet peas before.

    Jessica – 22C is about 72F.

    Bibiomama – I’m on it. You’re moving in.

  9. Phew. Because I was going to comment i didn’t even see the sweet peas.

    Happy 22 degrees.


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