When I am an old woman

When I am an old woman, I will wear an excessive amount of Chanel Number 5.  I will wear thick, bright layers of lipstick that will feather and bleed into my papery skin.  I will make wildly inappropriate jokes and sexually harrass all the male orderlies at the home and earn the reputation of being the creepy old woman in room 14. 

What I have discovered about myself, disturbingly enough, is that when I am an old woman I am going to relentlessly discuss my various health complaints.  Yes, I’m going to be one of those horrible old people who talk about my less savoury ailments to random passerby.  I’m discovering this about myself as right now it is all I can do to not roll down my thick, dark beige compression stockings to show people my stitches.  “Want to see my scar?”  Anyway, my legs have become somewhat fascinating to me, and so I must think that they are fascinating to everyone else, despite the fact that my long suffering, beloved husband turned slightly green at the sight of my unbandaged, revolting legs. 

Speaking of my long suffering, beloved husband, he went back to work today and I think he was quite relieved to do so.  Not only has he had to take care of me and my random, irrational fits of sobbing – But I don’t WANT my legs to hurt anymore! – he has also been running the house and dealing with the children.  I do not think that he has a glamourized view of the stay at home parent.  If any of you are feeling underappreciated these days, I totally recommend complete convalescence and to have your husband do load after load of laundry and wash sinkful after sinkful of dishes to really get some drudgery based recognition.  Or maybe I don’t.  Because it’s kind of depressing to realize that this is how I spend my days.

Anyway, back to my fascinating legs.  Other than the stitches scattered over the length of them – Do you have bugs on your legs, Mom? – they look, disturbingly, as though someone has taken a crowbar to them.  I’m like Nancy Kerrigan!  Why?  WWHHHHYYYYYYYYYY?  I feel a kinship with Nancy.  Perhaps she and I could hang out, discuss the pros and cons of Minnie Mouse ears. 

I ran out of my good drugs yesterday.  This is good and bad.  On the good side, as much fun as it was sleeping sixteen hours a day and being in a state of non-pain, my brain was just completely fuzzy.  I could barely concentrate enough to read a Candace Bushnell novel.  As it was, I did finish Mockingjay and I’m not sure if it was me or the book, but I couldn’t really get into it.  I kept wondering if this was a different battle scene or the same one, or what area they were in, or if anyone important died.  When I finished the book I was just totally confused.  Did Gale die?  What actually happened?  I tried going back and re-reading and just became more confused.  So I think that was me. 

On the bad side, of course, is the pain.  It’s like the House of Pain around here, but without the jumping around.  But you can still take Tylenol, I was told, which to me is the same as saying You can take nothing.  Bitch, please.  Tylenol?  Unless I can down the whole bottle, Tylenol is doing nothing.

So there’s that.  This weekend it snowed, thirty centimetres, and I stared out the window in drugged-out bliss while Mark enjoyed it:

Those are almond eyes, a carrot nose, and a banana smile.


And lest anyone accuse me of only posting flattering pictures of myself.  Here I am, completely high on Percocet, enjoying the lovely fruit bouquet sent by my girlfriends.  Note my awesome hair and pajamas.


  1. Ah, the good drugs. I was sad when those ran out post-C-section.

  2. The fruit bouquet looks delicious. How sad your husband is back to work now.

  3. I’m sure I got some drugs still hiding around here somewhere. You want? :).
    To take your mind off the pain, just focus on how good you will look in your daisy dukes and tube top at the wading pool this summer:)

  4. I hope you are feeling better! I agree with happygeek – just think how hot you’re going to look this summer – not that you don’t already look hot!

  5. Anonymous says

    Your husband is a saint.

    Signed your husband.

  6. You got Percocet after a C-SECTION? Cripes, for a gum graft they gave me Percocet — for carving up my tummy to take a baby out they gave me Tylenol. Bastards. You do look totally high in that picture. I so hope you’re in less pain, now or soon. I’m sad about Mockingjay — I’m going to blame that on the drugs.

  7. I didn’t like Mockingjay as much as I’d hoped I would. It seemed rushed and disconnected and that was disappointing after the awesomeness of the first two books. I’d like her to go back and rewrite it actually. i have faith she could make it better.

  8. Sorry to hear your good drugs are gone. Here’s hoping to the pain disappearing as well.


  9. Oh yummy percocet…I mean fruit.

  10. “Bitch, please. Tylenol?”


    But bitch, please. You look better strung out on percocet than I do after a day at the salon.

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