Soccer Moms: not just about tracksuits anymore.

So, after a flurry of activity this weekend, I am much more in control and not so sad, despite the fact that it is still snowing.  Still snowing.  It’s been a week now of snow, blowing snow, and the sky matching the snowy, snowy ground.  Someone who lives in a much, much nicer climate than I do phoned this morning and complained about the lack of green grass where she lives.  I was overcome with hysterical jealousy given that a) it will be a minimum of six weeks before green grass appears here, and b) it will be a while before brown grass appears given the plethora of snow.
But I digress.  I wasn’t even going to complain about the horrible, horrible weather, but instead inform you perkily that I have finished several things on my gigantic to-do list (although not the Costco trip.  That’s tomorrow but my mother is very kindly taking the kids for a few hours meaning I can have my usual Costco-based nervous breakdown without hearing “Mom?  Mom?  MOOOOMMMM?  Can we get a snack?  Can we?  MOOOOOOMMMM.”)  The biggest accomplishment for me this weekend was finishing the soccer schedules.  It is my third year of doing the soccer schedules for our community and the two surrounding, and happily, at no time did I resort to heavy drinking, crying, or trying to stab myself in the heart with my mechanical pencil.  Since I am now a jaded veteran of the world of soccer scheduling, I fully expected some sort of complaint or change as soon as I sent it out to the officials, and so I was not at all thrown off by the almost immediate reply that the number of U10 teams was going to change. 
What I have found about being a stay-at-home mom with kids in school is that the number of volunteer commitments that I sign up for tends to snowball at particular times of the year and then I feel like I have a full time, albeit unpaid, job.  It’s not like I don’t like being involved with the school or soccer community, although being a soccer mom makes me think that I need to go buy a neon windbreaker tracksuit.  I mean, sure, there’s the glory of being known as the “Book Fair Lady”, and the warm feeling of being appreciated when I get accosted at the volunteer appreciation dinner by someone drunkenly thanking me for taking on the soccer scheduling, but sometimes it just feels like a lot of work.  Although maybe it was me being drunk at the volunteer appreciation dinner.  After all, I won a gigantic set of French White Corningware and decided to walk home alone carrying the very heavy box, much to my husband’s dismay when I arrived, stumbling on the doorstep.  “LOOK WHAT I WON!”
But the big news of the weekend was that I attended a few sessions of a yoga workshop with this man, and it was fabulous.  Strenuous, but fabulous.  I have discovered some muscles that I did not know I had, and now I’m moving around like I’m an arthritic ninety year old.  Getting up off the couch is taking some serious effort.  The timing may not have been great given that it’s only three sleeps until my big day, after which I may be walking like an arthritic ninety-five year old.  But well worth it anyway.
How was your weekend?


  1. Good for you Ms Volunteer! I’m the treasurer for my kid’s skating club — and people hate me because I’m always berating them for receipts. I know. I’m obviously on a power trip.

    BTW, no neon windbreaker tracksuit is complete without matching headband and earrings. Damn. I miss Lady Footlocker.

  2. A trip to Costco with no kids? I am totally jealous. Yeah for you for getting the soccer schedules done!

  3. Scheduling sounds like it involves math so therefore your post scares me.


  4. If there was ever any thought about us moving to Calgary, your updates on the snow situation will have killed it dead.

    My kids aren’t quite school age yet so I’m not into the volunteering thing yet. I’ll have to be careful to avoid eye contact with teachers and coaches in the fall. Although bravo for you with all of the volunteering! If I don’t do it, someone needs to. 😉

  5. I am exactly the same about the volunteering thing. I can’t seem to quit…I keep saying I need to stop volunteering for stuff, but then I see stuff that no one else is doing, and I sign right up. It keeps me busy…but sometimes too busy!

    In other news, I admire you for braving the Costco. My husband has been thinking of getting a membership there for years and I keep talking him out of it by weeping a lot and tearing out my hair while writhing around on the floor at his feet. Costco scares me.

    Nan TOTALLY cracked me up by mentioning Lady Footlocker. Now I wish I’d named my blog that. ROCK ON.

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