It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I set out green shirts for the boys to wear this morning, saying “Better wear your green or the leprechauns will pinch you!”  Jake sighed heavily.  “Mom, leprechauns don’t EXIST.”  Ah, the magic of childhood. 

My children may not be enamoured with the magical, but they are enamoured with science, as evidenced by their recent report cards.  Happily, this happens to be right up my alley.  Science experiments are my favourite indoor way to pass the time with the kids, and it’s what I’m guest posting about over at Significantly Simple!

When the lovely Laila and Heather over at Significantly Simple asked me to guest post, I was flattered and a little nervous.  It’s my first guest post ever!  I am losing my guest posting virginity.  It’s just like losing actual virginity but without all the awkwardness and regret. 

Anyway, take a wander over to Significantly Simple and let me know what you think!  xoxo


  1. Congratulations Nicole! I love your blog too. Inspirational, oh so true and (the best part) hilarious!

  2. Loved the guest post! Now that you’re not a virgin any more, you might as well keep spreading yourself around by writing a guest post for me! I’m totally serious.

  3. I hope my guy receives the science-math brain from his father.


  4. On my merry Irish way 😉

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