I’m used to nice things!

I had a plan to write a really funny post about how yesterday’s Costco trip destroyed my faith in humanity, but my neighbour restored it; and how the entire city suddenly got over their collective seasonal affectedness disorder because the sun came out and the temperature got above freezing and this was the actual, number one top news story on the six o’clock news.  I was also going to talk about how we got a new garage door to replace our terribly long-suffering forty nine year old garage door and how it has brought me joy as I have had to park on the street – ON THE STREET! – for the past few weeks and while this might not sound like a big deal to you, it is to me.  To quote Cameron from Modern Family, “What am I going to do?  I’m used to nice things!”  I’m not happy scraping several inches of ice and snow off the windshield at five in the morning and then tracking it accidentally onto my seat so that I have a soggy wet butt by the time I arrive at my destination.  The new garage door is a miracle of garage doors.

Anyway, I had some posts planned but I have been unable to focus because my operation to strip my varicose veins is tomorrow at one o’clock, and I have to be at the hospital at 10:15.  I’m a little mixed about this time; on the one hand it will be nice to sleep a little later, my parents don’t have to come over at six in the morning to take care of the boys, and I can shower in the morning.  I also thought, happily, that I could clean the bathroom before leaving for the hospital, and the fact that occurred to me in a cheery way just goes to show I need to get out more.  The problem with this time is that, since I can’t eat after midnight tonight, and the surgery is a couple of hours, that is a long time to go without eating. As those who know me can attest, I do not do well not eating for extended periods of time.  I become even crazier than normal so please, your sympathies for those who have to deal with me tomorrow.


  1. The dumb wait is almost over! Yee haw.
    Sending good thoughts your way for tomorrow!

  2. Good luck! Don’t think of food. Don’t think of food.
    And you’ll have to let me know how that surgery goes. I’m certain I’m in for the same thing sooner rather than later in my life. I have some honking big veins in my calfs.

  3. I didn’t see one single instance of “non-Newtonian liquids”. That makes me sad.

    Good luck tomorrow! I wish you beautiful pain free legs.

  4. Good luck to you tomorrow! I would be so excited too about the new garage door and not having to scrap snow of the car anymore.

  5. I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

    I love Modern Family.

  6. Good luck with the surgery, hope it’s a smashing success.

  7. Yeah, no kidding the garage door thing would suck. And the not eating. Best wishes for a successful surgery and some post-op ice cream – oh wait, it’s not your tonsils, you can have ribs.

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