"Wow, you’re way cooler than my mom!"

One of the characteristics of a stay at home mom is the propensity to wear jeans on every occasion.  Ultimately, though, those jeans wear out and one may find oneself splitting a knee wide open on one’s cozy faded pair while kneeling on the hardwood, attempting to extract many Lego pieces from under the couch, with the dubious help of a five year old.  And so it was that I found myself in the store at which I have purchased most of my jeans, the store which some of you may remember of the “bad butt” fame.
Some of you may wonder why I would continue to patronize such a store, but I will remind you all that it is difficult to find a good fitting pair of jeans.  For me, either jeans have too much stretch and end up baggy and sagging by noon, or they have too little stretch and I can’t move.  Either they are so low cut I am constantly showing the world more than they probably want to see, or they are so high cut they pinch my, shall we say, loose skin from my childbearing years.  So the fact that I found jeans that not only fit well but are extremely comfortable completely negates the fact that I was commiserated with about my “bad butt”.  I am not that fragile; the salesgirls could probably have called me an ugly stupid whore and I still would have gone back to buy more jeans. 
As I entered the store a cute and perky salesgirl came to help me, and I answered her necessary questions as to size, colour preferences, and fit.  To the latter, I answered only that – recalling the Self Esteem Crisis of 2010 – I would try anything but skinny jeans.  She smiled and turned to choose a pair from the display, saying, “I think you’ll really like these.  My mom has a pair and she totally loves them!”
That was discouraging. 
I told myself that maybe her mom was really hip and cool, but ultimately I know the truth.  I remember, years ago, having coffee with a girlfriend from prenatal class.  Our firstborns were still infants then, and we had noticed the appearance of skinny jeans in our favourite stores.  My girlfriend expressed concern that in a few years perhaps skinny jeans would be the only choice at such places, and said, “If that happens, what are we going to do?  I don’t want to start shopping at Tan Jay.”  We laughed, images of us pushing strollers wearing matching burgundy velour tracksuits or high waisted beige slacks going through our heads.  It seems less funny now.
Well, at least I’m not wearing these:
Image from NBC.
Addendum: I did find a great pair of jeans, but they weren’t the recommended Mom pair.  So, win?  Also, I was informed by my cute perky salesgirl that with the purchase of my jeans I could get a top at half price.  I looked at the various selection and thought maybe the “Justin’s Girl” and “I Heart Vampires” tops were not quite appropriate, so I passed.


  1. I would have to agree that one of the great characteristics of being a stay at home is getting to wear jeans everyday. I love not having to get dressed up in uncomfortable clothes. It is hard to find good jeans. I try on many many pairs every time I go to buy jeans and I usually end up with very expensive jeans because they are the ones that fit the best.

  2. The velour tracksuits had me laughing right out loud.

  3. But you are way cooler than her Mom. Way cooler. I think I would have died.
    I loathe pant shopping with a passion. I won’t even begin to tell you how I’ve been wearing the same dress pants for years. Nope. Wont do it.

  4. Aren’t you like a size minus four? Can’t you just buy great jeans from Gap kids? Sorry, I WANT to empathize, but really, I don’t think I can. 🙂

  5. Maybe you should have bought multiple pairs. With your luck, I can’t imagine what the next sales girl is going to say.


  6. ha! buying jeans is torture, and I need new ones. mine are all worn out too

  7. Oooh, how I hate shopping for pants, shirts, and pretty much anything I wear! Nothing ever fits quite right. My boobs are too small, my a$$ is too big compared to my waist…just torture all around!

  8. These salesgirls need to learn to keep their mouths shut!

    I’m a sucker for nice-fitting jeans. My husband rues the day when I find some that fit well — then I need to buy two or three pairs.

  9. Mom jeans I love it. I too have worried about how I will know when it’s time to stop dressing like a teenager and start dressing like a, ahem, woman!

    Have you tried jeggings? Jeans with the comfort?

  10. I might have gone with I Heart Vampires, but I definitely would have ended up with mom jeans. I get mine from LL Beans.

  11. I’m with Allison on this one. You are a teeny little thing compared to big giant me. I would bet my entire bank account that the store you mention doesn’t even carry my size.

    That said, I would totally have gone with the I Heart Vampires shirt…because I do.

  12. I buy my jeans at Mark’s or I get Lee jeans from Walmart. Because I’m stumpy and OLD. Old enough to remember when Mom jeans were actually fashionable. But only if you bought them in red. Viva La Ninties!

  13. Anonymous says

    I don’t get the jean thing…I do wear jeans some, (i”m a sahm) but I generally dress up more if I am going anywhere. I find dressier clothes are just as comfy (usually more so). I do wear nice sweats at home, though. I have a pair or dressy pants from Reitmans I could just live in though. They are stretchy, & comfy, but look really good! If htey made jeans that looked & were comfy, (that fit me) I’d wear them more, for sure.

    I can’t wait to read what the salesgirl says next though…

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