Speaking of commercials…

How about that Superbowl?  Actually, the only commercials I saw were for local businesses and upcoming shows on CTV, since – for reasons that I truly do not understand – the network tapes over all the blockbuster commercials and instead runs their own.  As you can imagine, this is the source of much agitation in my house, and so this year after the kickoff my husband recorded the game while we ate dinner and then later watched it and fast forwarded through the commercials, thus sparing me from the annual diatribe against CTV and every person associated with it.  I essentially boycott CTV just because of the mental suffering they put me through every year.  I’m not even sure why this takes on the importance that it does, except that last year the commercials for CTV’s coverage of the 2010 Olympic Games! made me a little crazy.
Of course, watching the game delayed has its disadvantages too.  My husband looked over at me on my laptop.
Husband:  If you see any scores, don’t tell me.  I don’t want to know.  Make sure you don’t tell me.
Me: Okay. (seconds later) Hey, Slash is going to be on the half-time show.
Husband:  AAARRRGGHH!  Don’t tell me anything.
Me:  It’s the half-time show, not the score.
Husband:  AAARRRGHHHH!  Don’t tell me the score.
Good times.  Personally I didn’t care much about the actual game but I did think it would be nice if the Packers won a Superbowl without Brett “I’m-going-to-photograph-my-junk-and-then-send-it-to-you” “Do-U-Like-2-ParT?” Favre.  Guys, take note: if you are trying to charm a woman, do not send pictures of your penis to her.  No woman wants to see that.  We would rather see almost every other body part, including the soles of your feet.  Gross.  Not to mention this is Brett Favre.  Not to slag on my gender, but I’m guessing there are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of women who would sleep with Brett Favre just because he is Brett Favre.  No need to send pictures of your dick-in-a-box.  Okay?
The game was pretty good, although I thought about nachos through most of it, and was sad because I had nothing to make nachos with, which is a Superbowl Fail if there ever was one.  My husband was cheering for Green Bay and I worried about his blood pressure with every dropped pass.
Husband:  Steelers have the ball, there’s a minute left.  Wow, if Roethlisberger pulls this off, he is going to be a legend.  He’ll be remembered as a hero.
Me: Rather than as a rapist?
So I am happy that the Steelers didn’t win, despite my really meh attitude toward the game.  Were you cheering for anyone in particular?  Did you watch the game?


  1. Living in a border city we used to watch the game on an American station, just to see the commercials. No high budget ads just takes the fun right out of it.
    Of course picking up “free” TV via the antenna is no longer an option without a digital converter. Bah. The tribulations of living in Canada, eh?

  2. No. I can’t even fake it for football (I can for baseball or hockey). My husband watched the game and I didn’t even offer a token “what’s the score?”. It was my daughter’s birthday party yesterday and I think I have a sinus infection, and I was just wandering around whimpering and waiting until eight o’clock so I could go to bed without feeling like a total loser.

  3. I don’t understand football. Completely no idea about the rules at all. And every year I am SO HAPPY that my husband doesn’t watch sports of any kind. I love him.

  4. I’m pretty sure that was Roethlisberger’s entire game plan! And no nachos? That is a tragedy.

  5. husband was going for the packers aka underdogs… so that’s who we cheered for too. of course the offspring cheer for the opposite of any sports team the husband does.
    mmmm nachos.

  6. Mrs.Mayhem says

    A super bowl without nachos is a travesty. I don’t follow football, but I hang out in the family room during the game for all of the yummy snacks.

    We were rooting for the Steelers because my daughter’s teacher promised no math homework for a month if they won. We were bummed that they lost.

  7. I’m a huge, huge Green Bay fan. Football is the only sport I like to watch and Green Bay is by far my most favourite team. I wanted to make a post in advance of the superbowl explaining why but I didn’t get around to it. I’ll have to give it a go later this week.

    We are convinced around here, though, that our massive intake of cheesies (CHEESE-ies, get it) helped steer Green Bay to the win. I pack on the pounds for you, Aaron Rogers!

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