I never slept through Money Never Sleeps

The boys had a day off of school today, and it went the way such days often go: with happiness distributed like a double bell curve, peaking in the mid-morning while pajamas are still on, bottoming out in the early afternoon, and then peaking again, after some activities instigated by myself, only to start the slippery slope back down again.  Mark has a love-hate relationship with days off: on the one hand, he enjoys the freedom to just play unrushed, but on the other hand he really misses the structure of school.  And I run a pretty structured house, it’s not all hippy-dippy around here; meals are eaten at the same time, bedtime and rising times are kept the same, clothes are still expected to be worn, as opposed to pajamas.  Mark started to spiral downwards right after lunch, becoming irritable and high-needs until I suggested he make Valentines for his class.  Glitter and sticker backings soon overtook the table and happiness reigned once more.
On Saturday night I watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which is remarkable for the sole reason that I watched it in its entirety and did not fall asleep.  I very rarely see the end – or middle – of movies because I generally fall asleep or, alternately, get bored and start reading, which means I have a very fuzzy view of most films released in the past ten years.  For example, the other night my husband was watching the movie Blow, which we had seen together a few years ago.  I watched a bit with him, unable to remember how it ended, only to discover that it has a very sad ending.  I watched the final scene with tears running down my face, while my husband reminded me that the man in question was a hardened, criminal drug lord, even if it was sad his daughter never visited him in prison.  It is surreal watching movies that you know, intellectually, that you have seen before but can only remember small snippets of.  The last movie I saw in a theatre was Pirates of the Caribbean Part Two, and I slept through nearly the whole thing, waking occasionally to see that weird guy with a squid head and a scene where Captain Jack was being chased around an island.  Although I may have dreamed that part.  Was Johnny Depp naked?  And feeding me grapes?  No?  Then I guess I dreamed it.
But Money Never Sleeps was an excellent movie; I would highly recommend it, especially if you are interested in financial markets.  If you aren’t, then I wouldn’t recommend it at all.  It was a very interesting and entertaining view of the 2008 market correction, and I found myself strangely attracted to Michael Douglas, which is nothing short of disturbing given that he is a senior citizen.  Evidently I’ve turned into my mother, who has always thought that Sam Elliott is the bee’s knees, and my response would be “Oh GOD, Mother, he is so OLD, how can you LIKE HIM?”  Well now.
My husband also loved Money Never Sleeps, which is not surprising given that the original Wall Street was a “motivating” movie for him.  Yes, my husband found Wall Street, greed is good, to be “motivating”.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but I guess it’s better than Rocky, or something of that genre.  Although a guy I once dated used to watch Rudy as a motivational movie.  He used to get so choked up in the part where the teammates bring their jerseys in “It’s for Rudy, Coach.”  I remember laughingly telling that story to a male co-worker, then noticed that HE was getting teary eyed as I talked about Rudy finally getting to play.  All of which is to say I just don’t understand.


  1. he thought it was MOTIVATING?!?

    see, these are the kinds of things that until weeks ago, when i became an appreciating-difference kinda person, woulda given me heart palpitations. even in somebody else’s partner.

    but now i appreciate difference in couples. yessiree. though i can see why you sleep through movies with him! 😉

    (and i really want to see Money Never Sleeps)

  2. I love how men can’t handle being off…like my husband whines by 10 am because he’s already tired. Pft.
    I havent seen both of those movies but kinda want to now 😉

  3. Well, it ties in nicely with his goal of becoming an asshole, no? I have zero desire to see Money Never Sleeps, and I never fall asleep during movies — I sometimes start reading, though. Unless I’m in the theatre, then my giant bag of popcorn is enough of a diversion. I did once fall asleep in the theatre with Angus watching Curious George, but that’s because my husband was away and I was pregnant and hadn’t slept in four nights.

  4. So your husband aspired to live in a badly decorated loft, put a lot of gel in his hair and have sexual intercourse with Darryl Hannah? Sorry, that’s pretty much all I remember about Wall Street. I shouldn’t judge since my husband’s favourite movie of all time is Pufnstuf.

    Like Bibliomama I have ZERO interest in seeing this movie. But I do want to see The Inside Job which is a documentary about the same topic.

  5. We watched the original Wall Street a couple of weeks ago, and I found it so dull that I read through most of it and have no idea what happened. I read through movies a lot as well.

  6. Is Money Never Sleeps a documentary about the 2008 financial market, or is it a sequel to Wall Street?

    (That ought to show what a big movie fan I am. I’ve never even heard of it.)

  7. Allison, it does tie in nicely, doesn’t it!
    Nan, I’ve never heard of PufnStuf before. Intriguing!
    Mrs Mayhem, it’s a sequel – although the original came out in 1987. Better late than never?

  8. I used to call Michael Douglas part of the Hollywood trio of ultimate grossness, along with Alec Baldwin and Richard Gere, honorary member Tom Cruise (he was the D’artagon). But now I find I’m completely converted to Alec by 30 Rock, Michael seems like a nice enough guy to his high-demand wife, and Richard…is still an ass, but with a great head of hair.

    Still hate Tom. But three out of four no longer seem so repulsive, which means my standards have WAY lowered. I blame the stretch marks.

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